Thoughts #2

Today I requested to join several Chinese adopted groups for teenagers and other adoptees on Facebook. Although I have many other adopted friends in the UK from the annual ‘Chinese Summer School’ in Kent from the age of four, I’ve recently thought it would be lovely and exciting to get to know other adopted Chinese teens from around the world. It’s really nice to read articles written by other adoptees and get their views on things as well as see how they themselves feel about their identity. I’m also in the process of signing up to a Pen Pal scheme with another fellow adoptee from America. Not only is this very exciting for me as I’ve always wanted a pen pal, but it will be someone who I’ll have lots in common with. Plus it’ll be interesting to hear about life in America etc. I’ve also been considering going on one of their many American camps especially for adopted teens, however they coincide with the end of my school term so I may go next year when I get a long summer after year 13 or during my gap year.

Onwards and upwards!
Viola xo

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