Harris + Hoole – possibly my new favourite café?

I walked into my town one day and something caught my eye. There was a new, hipster-looking café which looked cooler than Starbucks (my usual go-to for coffee). The windows were ceiling-to-floor and had swirly writing over the windows advertising what was on offer. The mini handwritten chalkboard menu said that Harris + Hoole provided the best coffee and advertised the new summer drinks.

The interior of the café is what really appealed to me as the style immediately made me want to go in and see what this new place had to offer. There were french school chairs with wooden tables, small sofas like in Starbucks along  with a brown leather sofa set and wooden crates used for shelving. The main attraction was the little blue coffee truck placed right in the centre of the room. The truck was open at the back and this was where all the coffees and drinks were made. It seemed really original and different.

Harris + Hoole was founded by three siblings who wanted to bring great coffee to the high street. In order to make this a reality, the company is backed by Tesco (a supermarket in the UK). The siblings want their cafés to be all about “good coffee” and “happy people”. The atmosphere and vibe in this little coffee shop is really homely and cosy, with the barristers being incredibly friendly, bubbly and welcoming. I love it!

I walked into the shop for the first time on the 14th May 2014 (almost two weeks ago). I looked in the refrigerated cabinet first to see what there was: granola, yogurt, water, favoured fizzy drinks, salads etc. Directly in front of me was a long wooden counter showing off all of the homemade cakes and pastries – they looked so good and you could tell that they were actually homemade.

I ordered the raspberry lemonade which was made fresh and on the spot:


Harris + Coole Raspberry Lemonade

I was quite excited to try this flavour as I love raspberries and I love lemonade – throw them together and the taste is fantastic. So cool and refreshing!

The next time I went into this café was with my mum after my C1 Maths exam (19th May 2014). My mum had told me she went in earlier and spoke to one of the baristas about the company and why they had suddenly appeared. When I returned home, she wanted to go for a coffee there as she had been given a free one when she was there earlier! I got a homemade sausage roll and asked for it to be warmed up:


Homemade hot sausage roll

This looked tasty and my gosh it tasted amazing. Everyone loves homemade food as it is, but this sausage roll was indescribable (I even kept repeating how good the sausage roll was to my mum on the way home). For £3, although quite pricey, it was definitely worth it because it was filling and tasty.

The third time I went to this place was with my friend, Esha, yesterday. I got jasmine green tea and she got a chai tea latte. The green tea was made with an organic and fair-trade, whole leaf tea bag. We were doing some revision for our AS exams for about an hour before one of the lovely baristas came over with two cookies and said, “some brain-food, on us”:


Chocolate chip cookie + oat and raisin cookie

The only photo I took was on SnapChat and I unfortunately at the time I thought the café was called ‘Harris + Coole’ because of the name on my lemonade cup before *hides face*. These cookies tasted so good and the barrista was so kind to do that! This is just another reason why Harris + Hoole just may be my new favourite café.

We later bought some summer drinks after lunch. I got the traditional lemonade cooler and Esha got the mocha cooler (I think that’s what it’s called):


Mocha Cooler and Traditional Lemonade Cooler

I have definitely chosen this place over Starbucks recently and I can’t wait to try some of their homemade cakes – rocky road, watch out 😉

I would strongly recommend going into this coffee shop if it’s near you because I promise that you will not regret it. Read more about the company here!

Peace and love,
Viola xo





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