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Triangl Swimwear: Penny Wanderlust

A couple of weeks ago I found a DHL card on my doormat telling me that I needed to collect a parcel. The parcel could only be one thing and one thing only: my Triangl bikini. *squeals*

I finally got round to collecting my package last Monday once I had worked out where the collection point was. I also cheekily asked my mum to drop me there since taking public transport would have taken forever. I received the parcel and refrained myself from tearing it open right then and there because I knew readers would like to see pictures!


DHL parcel

I ordered the Penny Wanderlust:


Penny Wanderlust


Triangl bag


Penny Wanderlust top size XS



Penny Wanderlust bottoms S

The packaging was very cute and simplistic. Each item was placed in the plastic packaging labelled with ‘TRIANGL’ as pictured above. There was also a care label I found in the blue neoprene bag telling me how to care for my bikini:


Care label

In terms of sizing, I immediately knew I would be an XS on the top because I don’t have much going on in that department and I was worried that an XS would still be too small! Luckily it fits perfectly and I’m really pleased with the shape and size. The top is an ‘Ollie’ style which means that there it’s a bra-style top. When I ordered my bikini, the Penny Wanderlust didn’t actually have adjustable straps but it seems as though the designs have been altered and they now in fact do – an extra bonus!


Penny Wanderlust front top XS


Penny Wanderlust back top XS

When choosing which size to get the bottoms in I was debating between ordering a size XS or a size S. After consulting the sales assistant in the 24/7 online chat service, I opted for a size S. She told me that if I had ‘a bit of a bum’ I should go for a size up. Bearing in mind that these bikinis are made of neoprene, I would definitely recommend going for a size up in the bottoms because they are quite tight and will stick to you.


Penny Wanderlust front bottoms S



Penny Wanderlust back bottoms S

I love love love this bikini and would highly recommend Triangl to anyone who’s looking for something different and unique. There are a range of styles and the colours are absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be put off by the price because they are more durable than other bikinis and will last far longer due to the material, plus the quality and unique-ness of these bikinis are definitely worth the extra cash! They are extremely flattering on the body and I can’t wait to wear mine for the first time. And the cute little bags which come with them are so cute I’ll be sure to use mine in Croatia in a few weeks time!

Have you got a Triangl bikini? What do you think?
Here’s Triangl’s website.

Peace and love,
Viola xo

7 thoughts on “Triangl Swimwear: Penny Wanderlust

  1. Hi! I’m trying to figure out sizing for my Triangl order. I’m a bit stuck between XS or S. Would you mind providing your hip measurements and details on how the bottoms fit? Thanks! (Great blog btw!)

    • I can fit into a US size 0 shorts but I would definitely say get size S if you have a bit of bum on you 😉 The bottoms fit great and do stick more tightly to your skin than other bikini bottoms so unless you have a really petite behind then definitely go one size up! Viola xo

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  3. Hi 🙂 I was wondering when the bottoms are on, are they flattering to the bum? My friend had told me the bottoms weren’t very nice so I was quite indecisive about getting them! Thank you! Lovely blog btw!

    • Hi! I would say that providing you get the right size bottoms, they are flattering and perfectly comfortable. Due to the neoprene material, the bottoms tend to stick to your skin much more and they are much tighter than usual bikini bottoms so be sure to go a size up! Hope this helps and thank you very much 🙂

  4. Hi 🙂 what is the difference between size XS and S for the top ? I hesitate between these two … I fit a 75A bra size (eu size) so they recommended me to order size S but I don’t have so many boobs LOL ! How is the measure for the bust in XS ?Thanks a lot for your tips and sorry for my English !

    • Hey, I’m not entirely sure what the difference in size is since I only got the XS. I don’t have a very big chest either & I think the XS is the perfect fit! The measurement is 27 inches – hope this helps x

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