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I’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon

Okay guys, so I’m going to be truthful and it’s going to be painful to write about but it’s just gotta happen…

I’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon (for real) and I’ve gained weight. Quite a bit of weight. All the work I was putting into Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide has completely disappeared underneath the seven pounds I managed to put on in Eton/Bosnia. I’m absolutely determined to lose all of this weight before I go back to school in September but it’s going to be tough and I’m worried that my body weight will fluctuate too much in a short space of time which isn’t good for my metabolism.

Unfortunately, while I was recently away at an Oxford summer school I pulled a muscle whilst sprinting and it’s still healing which means I can’t give my workouts 100% without risking injuring myself further. I am really annoyed at myself for overeating at both Eton and Bosnia but I genuinely didn’t think I would eat as much as I did in Bosnia, + I was on holiday with friends and didn’t really worry too much about what I was eating (probably not a good thing). It also didn’t help that because I was so busy during Eton and Bosnia, I didn’t have the time or energy to continue with Kaylas’ workouts and so I wasn’t doing any exercise there either. Thus I will have to start her guides from the beginning again, waaa 🙁

However these things do happen and we just have to move on and try and get back into the healthy routine. Ergo expect more posts on fitness-related things to help motivate me. Join me on my fitness journey (which I will stick to this time guys!)

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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