Mini Eton Reunion

Today was the day I would be seeing all of my Eton friends again. After my adventurous summer I just couldn’t wait to meet up with some old(ish) friends who I met right at the start of the holidays. Eton still feels like distant memory and I’d forgotten just how much I had liked everyone there. We had all planned to meet at Green Park tube station from 12pm-1pm and then walk to Hyde Park to have a picnic. As it was really sunny (and probably because we were too lazy to walk) we ended up finding a patch of grass in Green Park to make life a little bit easier for everyone. I had stopped off at my local Dunkin’ Donuts before catching the tube and purchased a box of 12 donuts to add to the vast quantity of food there already was – yum!


It really was lovely to see everyone again and just chill out in the park eating food, reminiscing about Eton and hearing the stories people had to tell about their summer. More and more people started turning up and we were sitting in our small(ish) circle on the grass for a good 3 hours, if not (almost) 4!


Everyone was just enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company. There were numerous trips to the local Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s to buy even more food to the table (or floor). One of my favourite moments has to be when Katie and Joe returned from Tesco carrying brownies and oreos along with not one, but two cartons of single cream. Katie went round the entire circle urging people to take an oreo and then dip it into the cream. Absolutely hilarious.


 Dan also bought an entire dessert trifle for himself and actually succeeded in eating it all!
He had come down all the way from Sheffield to see everyone, aww.


 I also got to see Henry again (spent a week with him at the Oxford summer school UNIQ two weeks ago) which was nice but also slightly strange. We took another selfie. I also gave him his birthday presents, one of which included a chocolate iPhone placed inside an actual iPhone box (ha ha – evil, I know).


A handful of us had planned to go out for dinner together because we hadn’t seen each other in so long so we opted for a Chinese in Chinatown and also roped in some of the other cool kids who wanted to come. It was a good meal but we were all so stuffed from the enormous amount we ate during the picnic! Everyone was using chopsticks, or at least attempting to, which was cute and also a laugh. Katie gave up *shakes head* 😉


 Here is another cute selfie of us.

Left to right: Pip, me, Joe, Katie, Dan, Chris, Sophie + Tierney

All in all it was an amazing day out and I can’t wait to see these guys again. Today made me realise just how much I had missed everyone and I got that familiar ‘Eton feeling’. It felt so good to be surrounded by these people again and it just brought me back to the summer school days. Absolutely loved it.

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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