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Same old, same old

So the first three days of year 13 have been eventful and crazy busy already. Wow.

It feels really strange to be back at school but then at the same time it doesn’t, although this year it does feel different: I think it’s that ‘last year of school, ever’ feeling… maybe? Anyhow it’s definitely strange being the oldest year in the school and watching the new year 7s settle into the school environment, watching them struggle to find their classrooms and going up the wrong coloured staircase. It’s also strange that the new year 12s are suddenly in our year base/common room too. That’ll need getting used to.

Other than that, the school days have been really hectic and the school have by no means lessened the workload even though we’ve only just got back! I already have two maths tests, two chemistry tests, exam questions and a timeline on Alexander the Great to do already on top of reading an entire Greek play (The Bacchae) and answering questions on it. Help. To make matters worse, because I missed the whole of July of school due to being at the Eton Universities summer school and then straight after the Bosnia Challenge, I have to catch up on a total of eight maths chapters and two whole chemistry modules along with completing the summer holiday homework *cries*.

Other important things I need to do incredibly soon, preferably ASAP:
• Draft my personal statement – at least start it because the final one is due in three weeks!!
• Start writing my Extended Project Qualification essay – this is also due in about three weeks and I have nothing whatsoever and barely any research to help me either! Panic.

Aside the stress of returning to sixth form and having a horrendous amount of work to do this weekend, sixth form has been great too (kind of). I’ve got to know some year 12s and I’ve also organised a “Big Brother, Big Sister” scheme within the sixth form where year 12s are paired up with a year 13 who is doing or has done similar subjects to them to help the newbies settle in to sixth form life and just to give advice and tips in general. I’m also in the process of creating a new school Classics society aimed at year 7 pupils which will hopefully be up and running in the next two weeks – exciting stuff! I get to plan the sessions on Greek mythology, roman history and basic Latin learning eek.

How’s school/college going for you so far?

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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