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UCAS – that dreaded word.

‘UCAS’ is the Universities and College Admissions Service in the UK – the daunting online process for which any student wanting to attend a British University will have to endure.
I for one have finally managed to complete my entire form, including the unavoidable personal statement. Like many other schools, my sixth form has an earlier UCAS deadline: 26th September (for all Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary applicants) and 15th October for everybody else.

Last week was a big panic and I was rushing around like a headless chicken Thursday evening trying to rewrite my entire statement for the following morning. Not something I would advise doing. Nevertheless, despite the panic I managed to finish it after spending about f-i-v-e hours on it. Yes, five. It’s such a relief to finally finish the application and send it to my referee to fill in my reference and predicted grades. I just want it to be sent off now, eek!

I’m interested in studying Classics with Chemistry and Chinese for anyone who is wondering 🙂
Are you a current uni student or applying this year too?

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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