The Great British Bake Off Final: Who Will Win?


Tonight is the final of the Great British Bake Off and I am so excited. Since being surrounded by this show’s fanatics at my Cambridge summer school, I decided to watch Season 5 from the beginning on iPlayer. I loved it. Watching the contestants make such amazing creations had my mouth watering. Learning about the bakers themselves is a nice extra because we can see their background and and their motivation for applying to actually be on the show. I quickly developed an obsession with the bake off, watching a shocking amount in just one week (I’ve watched Seasons 1-4 now too, oops). The anticipation that builds up inside as Mary and Paul come round to taste everyone’s baking is nerve-wracking.

The final is definitely one of my favourite episodes, not just because it’s the final, but also because the bakers usually have to bake a large number of items and for a high standard. The technical challenge is usually brutal and the show-stoppers are usually absolutely amazing. We also get to see all the other bakers again who have come to enjoy the tea party, which is also very nice. I love watching the bakers make cakes, desserts and biscuits (all the sweet stuff) because it just looks so good and makes me so jealous of them; why can’t I bake like that? Why don’t I know someone who can bake like that so they can bake me cakes and biscuits? Mmmmmm…

If you’ve been following the show then you know that Richard, Nancy and Luis are the three bakers who made it to the final. They are all such good bakers (ah!) but I’m personally rooting for Richard.

He works in a building firm as a builder but you’d be surprised – this guy has some serious creativity and baking skills. He’s managed to steal five ‘Star Baker’ titles out of nine and he usually executes his ideas brilliantly.

Who do you want to win?

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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