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Mini Beauty Haul

IMG_8668I went on a mini shopping trip today as I had half an INSET day (yes, you can have half of a day off when you go to two different schools, *sigh*). I just wanted to do a quick post telling you guys what I got:

  1. Skin Therapy’s Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free Face Wipes (25 pk) – £0.50
    Firstly, I’d used all of my previous face wipes and knew that I needed to get some more, not just for skincare purposes, but also to remove make-up. I’ve never used face wipes to remove make-up before but I’ve heard that it’s quick and easy – I used to use Olay’s “eye make-up remover” with cotton pads. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see whether wipes were for me!I tried one of the wipes when I got back from school this afternoon and they are so refreshing and soft. They easily removed the small amount of mascara I had without irritating my eyes. Bearing in mind I am no beauty expert, I would say these wipes are definitely a great bargain!
  2. Superdrug’s Large Hair Grips (18 pk) – £1.39
    IMG_8676I have been needing longer hair grips for a while now but I hadn’t got round to purchasing any. I decided to stick with Superdrug’s own as they aren’t overpriced and work well with my hair. I opted for the longer grips because my hair is extremely long and silky and using the normal shorter ones, unfortunately, doesn’t work for my hair.
  3. Maybelline’s Mascara Collosal 100% Black – £6.00
    My old mascara was also Maybelline’s ‘the Colossal’ but the waterproof type. It mysteriously went missing after a party so I decided to invest in another one, but this time trying the ‘100% Black’. I don’t wear make-up on a day-to-day basis but when I do decide to put on some mascara, I like it to be good quality and one which is actually effective on my short Asian lashes. I picked this mascara up in Wilkinson’s for only £6 – saving a whopping £1.14! I’ll hopefully do a full review on this mascara later.
  4. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Balm Hydrate – £2.99
    One of my friends at a summer school had the ‘Hydrate’ version of Baby Lips and I really liked it. I had heard about the range before but didn’t know which one to get – should I get ‘Repair’ or go for a tinted colour? Hmm…In the end I picked Hydrate because it’s a normal lip balm which can be worn everyday and keeps your lips from cracking, especially in this colder season!

Hope you all enjoyed this post 🙂

What are your essential beauty products?
Peace and love,
Viola xo


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