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Despite not being happy with my new weight and the new shape of my body, and despite desperately wanting to lose the weight I gained over the summer holidays, I seem to be slacking. I still seem to be giving into my endless cravings and then regretting it later. But it’s time I stopped. For real.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to keep up with Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide programme and I’m currently on a Week 3. Although I can feel myself getting stronger and more lean, I’m not physically seeing any changes to my body when I look in the mirror, or when I compare photographs. This isn’t because the guide doesn’t work; it’s because I’m not controlling what I put into my mouth. To see changes in my body, I not only need to ensure I workout six days a week, but I also need to eat a healthy diet. Being healthy is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

This past week started off well. On Monday I managed to get in my 5 a day and I didn’t eat anything fatty or sugary. On Tuesday, I had half the day off school and I had a ‘meal deal’ from Sainsbury’s for lunch.


I always get this combo in my meal deal if I decide I don’t want the fruit bag. The strawberries & banana innocent smoothie is my favourite! The sensations weren’t too calorie-heavy and I allowed myself them because I felt like it and I hadn’t had crisps in ages.

Wednesday was not good. After having a couple of giant milky bar buttons and the school’s main meal of the day (carrot cake included), I thought I had had enough sweet things for one day. Think again, Viola! As you may have already read, I attended the theatre last Thursday. This was my excuse to buy something nice to eat. Before the show, I walked to the co-op to see if there was anything I fancied. Not particularly, however the only way to exit the shop was to go past the checkout. I was stupidly too embarrassed to walk out empty-handed so I picked up the bigger bars of Cadbury wholenut. It was a bad idea at the time but, as I said, I told myself that going to the theatre was an excuse for some indulgence. I also hadn’t eaten dinner due to my filling lunch and as it was 7:15pm already, I didn’t want to watch the show with my stomach grumbling. So I bought it and ate half. After the show, I went to Starbucks to buy a skinny chai tea latte (my typical order) but had a real craving for a slice of cake. Fortunately for me, the cakes Starbucks had to offer weren’t too appealing so I ended up buying a fruit flapjack from Upper Crust. When I finally got home I felt so full and sickly – not a nice feeling at all.


Thursday saw me finishing the wholenut chocolate but that was it. On Friday I bought Cadbury’s double decker duo bar (gotta love double deckers!) and a smarties pop-up ice cream (25p on sale, I couldn’t resist). And finally, yesterday I finished the second bar of double decker and bought an oreo krushem to try and numb my excruciating stomach pains. My mum then decided to bake a delicious berry cake and served it with Waitrose’s delicious Madagascan Vanilla Custard. Mmmm…


Anyhow, I have my trip to CERN, Switzerland coming up in just over a week, followed by my friend Katie’s 18th birthday party. I know that I’ll be indulging at both of these events so I want to try and eat as healthily as possible both before and after. I’ve also decided I want to do a 3-day juice cleanse at some point in the near future because I know it has so many great benefits. If you’re interested or would like to do a juice cleanse too, join me! 🙂

Have you been treating yourself a little too much lately?
Have you done a juice cleanse?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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