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Review: Vegesentials

Vegesentials are bottles of ‘half fruit, half veg’ smoothies and juices, all 100% pure, fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables on the go. I stumbled across this new brand when researching juice cleanses and what companies there were providing 100% raw, organic juices or smoothies. Vegesentials was founded by a family and it all started when Patience, a wife and mother, heard the words “You will have to be scanned for a brain tumour.” Patience then decided to improve her health by whizzing up her own inventions of healthy smoothies and juices by ‘trial and error’. She quickly produced inventive combinations and soon the whole family were enjoying the healthy drinks.

The website says:

Vegesentials was honoured to deliver Britain’s first unpasteurised fruit and vegetable smoothie and juice brand as well as the first children’s fresh drink brand. The Fresh Generation can now enjoy home-made quality and the best of both fruit and veg, in a delicious and convenient way.

I decided to choose this brand for my 3-day juice cleanse experiment. They are sold in UK supermarkets and are relatively cheap (RRP £1.99 per 250ml), and are 100% healthy. Before embarking on my little experiment (hopefully happening Friday-Sunday of this week), I picked up one of the flavours when I was in Waitrose on Sunday: Beetroot, Pomegranate & Carrot.


According to the website, this drink is

“Smooth, textured strong earthy burst of vitality, ideal for any beetroot lover. Great option for an earthier raw pre-workout drink.”

and it contains Vitamin A (contributes to the normal function of the immune system, contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision and mucous membranes and plays in the role of cell specialisation) and Potassium (contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure and to the normal functioning of the nervous system).

really like beetroot so I was excited to try this and, after scouring the internet, I discovered that this drink was the favourite of a few people. It is a nice deep purple colour (the same colour as a beetroot) and strangely enough I could taste each element of the drink. I could taste the beetroot and the pomegranate, and there would be a sudden hit of the carrot. The flavours all worked well together and the drink was refreshing. It had a thinner texture than I had been expecting but it was still a nice drink nonetheless. I did also feel more energized and fresh, however this could be partly psychological since the drink supposedly does this to you. Who knows, but for £1.99 a bottle and the numerous health benefits from drinking Vegesentials, this is a great bargain!

Look out for my juice cleanse posts in the coming week – fingers crossed I will have successfully completed it. I plan on buying all of the Vegesential flavours and drinking one of each everyday for 3 days. That’s 6 juices/smoothies per day!

Have you tried these drinks?

Peace and love,

Viola xo


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