The Addictive Blog Award

A few days ago an email popped up telling me that the lovely Rachael had nominated me for the ‘Addictive Blog Award’. I feel honoured to have received my very first blog award, eek!

the addictive blog award

For this award, all I have to do is tell you guys why I blog and then nominate ten other blogs that I find addictive – simples 🙂

Why I blog

I started my blog last December just after Christmas as I was inspired after reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I had always wanted to start a blog because I wanted to have an online platform where I could freely write about my life and my daily ramblings. My blog is my online journal and it’s a place where I can literally write about whatever I want, whenever I want! I wrote my very first blog post here which sort of tells you why I started a blog; I also wrote a post all about me and why I want to blog here. Blogging is a really fun hobby, and although I was super busy in the earlier months, I’m beginning to get into a proper routine now and I’m loving it. I keep getting new ideas for posts that I just want to share with you guys, and I want to be able to look back on this blog and see what sort of cool things I got up to. I’ve also been getting involved with blogger chats on twitter and I’ve been able to interact with other bloggers – it’s been great! I blog to sometimes escape reality, to be able to write what I really think without being judged, to be able to just be me. I love watching my blog grow and develop, just as I’m growing and developing as a soon-to-be young adult. I love interacting with other bloggers too, so don’t hesitate to say hi once in a while! My twitter is here so come and @ me 😉

Ten blogs I’m addicted to

  1. Pop Sugar FitnessI recently followed this blog on Bloglovin’ and I find myself reading almost all of their posts on my feed! They post multiple times a day and have great fitness & health tips and info – definitely a must-read for any fitness fanatics out there!
  2. Me, Who Am I?I love this blog! Lots of posts that get you thinking and reflecting on a variety of different topics. Humorous, down-to-earth and well-written.
  3. Little MisadventuresI’ve been following Kendel ever since I first started my WordPress blog and I look forward to reading all of her posts. I’ve read her posts about her life and university and just everything and anything she posts. She is such a lovely blogger and posts about everyday life as a uni student and the struggles of being an adult – definitely one to check out!
  4. Orianna’s OracleI’ve known Orianna since I was a child! Ever since she started her fashion & beaty blog a couple of years ago, I’ve been a keen reader and have watched how it has grown and developed. She’s recently started vlogging too – check her out my lovelies.
  5. Careful ConfessionsMichelle is another lovely blogger I’ve been following for a while too. She writes beautifully and her posts are always a little bit different, and I like it that way. Her photographs are always stunning and I always make sure to read anything new she’s written about.
  6. With The GrainsI honestly love this blog. It’s a food one (typical me) but hey-ho. The photography on this blog is flawless and there are numerous recipes and food-related trips posted frequently on here. Get in!
  7. FashiunMy gorgeous friend Siun writes about her experiences with beauty products, OOTDs and a few life posts thrown in here and there. She also has a fab camera (I’m jel) so her photos are on point. She’s definitely one to follow if you love fashion and beauty.
  8. NourishI stumbled across this beautiful blog the other day and it’s one I’ve become addicted to. It’s a toolbox full of posts on how to build and improve your life and your habits. I love blogs like these – there’s nothing better than opening your feed and seeing a motivational post (which is exactly what you needed!) The layout is also stunning.
  9. JennypurrA blog I followed recently on Bloglovin’. Jenny gives advice on blogging, beauty and life. I really enjoy reading her posts because they always pick me up and motivate me at the end of a stressful and hectic sixth form day. Addicted simply isn’t the word.
  10. A Beautiful MessLove the whole idea and concept behind the blog. It’s run by two amazing girls and is packed with creative and inspirational posts. They are so crafty and I’m constantly amazed by what they manage to create and make! Though not all of their posts are relevant to me, the ones which are are seriously good, addictive even 😉


And that’s it folks! My ten addictive blogs – please do go and check them out 🙂

Peace and love,
Viola xo

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  1. Congratulations on the nomination! I enjoyed reading about your blogging habits and how you got started. Thank you also very much for nominating me! I am truly honored! I’m looking forward to checking out some of your other nominees as well. Thank you again!

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