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My 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Two weeks ago, I decided to try a juice cleanse. I was sick of consistently eating junk food and feeling all “icky” inside so I looked into this juice fast ‘fad’. I reviewed Vegesentials in a post here and decided I would buy each of the six juices they have available and drink one of each everyday for three days – a total of 18 juices.

When I visited the Wholefoods store in Richmond, however, I couldn’t find the Vegesential drinks anywhere. I then went to the nearby Waitrose and there were only a couple of drinks left. What on earth was I going to do?! I was adamant that I would do the juice cleanse so I went back to Wholefoods and improvised with my juices. I chose to use two different brands, Fresh Green Juices and Coldpress.


shopping bag


juices + smoothies

I planned my juice diet as follows:

Day 1

  1. Coldpress Smoothie – Strawberry & Banana
  2. Fresh Green Juices – Carrot & Apple
  3. Fresh Green Juices – Cucumber & Celery
  4. Coldpress Juice – Pink Lady Apple
  5. Fresh Green Juices – Beetroot
  6. Coldpress Smoothie – Pineapple, Coconut & Banana

Day 2

  1. Coldpress Smoothie – Mango & Passionfruit
  2. Fresh Green Juices – Carrot & Apple
  3. Coldpress Juice – Pink Lady Apple
  4. Fresh Green Juices – Cucumber & Celery
  5. Fresh Green Juices – Beetroot
  6. Coldpress Smoothie – Strawberry & Banana

Day 3

  1. Coldpress Smoothie – Pineapple, Coconut & Banana
  2. Fresh Green Juices – Carrot & Apple
  3. Fresh Green Juices – Cucumber & Celery
  4. Coldpress Juice – Pink Lady Apple
  5. Fresh Green Juices – Beetroot
  6. Coldpress Smoothie – Mango & Passionfruit

Fresh Green Juices & Coldpress

Day 1

This was by far the hardest day: having to adjust to not eating any solid food and just drinking juices packed with vitamins and minerals. All the websites advise that you should prepare for your juice cleanse beforehand, however although I watched what sort of things I ate, I didn’t completely follow this advice. I ended up eating pizza the night before I started (I wrote about this here) but I personally didn’t feel this negatively affected my body.

I documented my juice cleanse experience through twitter, so I’ll embed the tweets for you:

I really didn’t like this drink at all – I had to force it down!

It felt really strange going the whole day without eating anything but my stomach was surprisingly satisfied with just having juices and smoothies. I also slowly sipped and ‘chewed’ each drink I had to ensure my body was acknowledging what I was drinking and how much I was having. I also made quite a few trips to the toilet, which isn’t surprising considering how much liquid I was drinking. I think the hardest part of Day 1 is what your brain is thinking. My mind was filled with all of the delicious food I could be eating and I couldn’t find a way to stop my thoughts! Pizza, burgers, chips, cake… everything you could possibly think of consumed my mind. It was a tough day but I was determined to get through to the second day!

Day 2

I woke up in the morning feeling full of energy (something that very rarely happens) which could be down to the amount of fruit and veg I had consumed the day before. Strangely enough, all of my juices tasted much nicer than the day before – a pleasant surprise when it got to the Cucumber & Celery juice 😉

I still craved food, particularly cake and fried food, but the thing that struck me was that despite craving these foods, the thought of actually eating them made me feel physically sick. It’s rather a strange feeling to have. My cravings didn’t help either when my entire family gathered round the dinner table for a lovely buffet-style lunch, packed with freshly baked bread, sliced meat, quiche, salad and vegetables followed a number of very tasty-looking desserts. *le sigh* Nevertheless, I was more than halfway through the cleanse, yay! And my body felt amazing – bonus.

Day 3

I woke up naturally extremely early (around 7:30am) but looked forward to my smoothie for breakfast. I think by this point, my body had got accustomed to the juices and was waiting for all the nutrients that came with them. I did miss food at points in the day but I kept telling myself that I would be able to eat things again in just one more day’s time.

And to finish off…

To be honest, I was actually quite sad to finish this cleanse because it truly was an amazing experience. My body felt much more ‘fresh’ and clean and I was full of lots of energy I didn’t even know I had! I also found that I was more motivated to eat sensibly but decided that I wouldn’t restrict myself if I wanted the odd treat here or there.

Day after the cleanse

I woke up naturally early today too and I was actually quite scared to start eating again – how weird is that?! I never thought I’d hear myself saying thinking those words. I eventually plucked up the courage to eat a banana which seemed alright and I had a nice cuppa (how I had missed my Earl Grey tea!) I then decided to try a tiny slither of coffee cake which everyone had been eating and guess what? I didn’t even like it. Perhaps it’s because it was a bad cake, but I didn’t particularly enjoy eating it.

Some more of my family had arrived at my grandma’s house (where I had been staying for the past two days) and so that obviously meant there would be lots more food. I was tempted by a slice of lemon cake (I know you’re not meant to straight after a juice cleanse but hey, I was improvising the whole thing anyway – so why not) which tasted really good. I also had a couple of chocolate cornflake clusters (my fave) but they didn’t taste as good as I had remembered. Lunch was a lovely quiche and salad:


lunch after my cleanse

That tasted really good. However my body felt quite strange readjusting to my new eating habits yet again. I didn’t feel sick but I just had a weird feeling in my stomach.

At around 4pm I was suddenly craving beetroot juice; it was the weirdest craving ever. I actually missed my juices and I missed having a routine of when to drink my juices. My mum had bought me a salad for dinner and I was looking forward to that though.


tuna salad

This salad tasted sooo good, except I think it wasn’t the best idea to eat fish the day after a cleanse, so I wouldn’t recommend diving straight into any meat or fish until a couple of days afterwards. I then had a chocolate cheesecake I know, I know – haven’t I just defeated the entire point of a juice detox? Well, maybe… but I enjoyed it and it made me realise that I didn’t need to give into my cravings all the time and it actually helped stop any sweet cravings for a while.

To conclude

I would definitely, definitely recommend doing any sort of juice cleanse! It is so refreshing and so good for your body; I can’t truly explain how good you feel unless you do one yourself. I would suggest looking into cheaper brands like I did and improvising with different juice combinations or, even better, look up juice recipes and make the juices yourself! I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to do this but I would love to try making my own in the future. My eighteen juices/smoothies cost me a total of approximately £37 (which is a lot cheaper than the juice detox brands out there) so have a look around and see what you think would work best.

The benefits of doing my cleanse included:

  • more energy
  • feeling much more fresh and clean
  • mentally more motivated to be healthier
  • got rid of my bloating – helloooo flat stomach 😉
  • actually turned out to be really fun

If you have any other questions then just drop them in the comments below or mention me on twitter (@violahelen_).
N.B. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve recently made a blog twitter account (@violahelen_) and that my tweets from above (@violahansmith) is my private account.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post (I know it’s quite long-winded)

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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