Katie’s 18th Birthdayyy


I don’t tend to post about every single party or event I go to, but for some reason I just love sharing my experiences with the Eton girls (I love them to bits). Following on from the Mini Eton Reunion, us girls all had another occasion to celebrate a week ago: Katie’s 18th.

I packed my bag, took the tube up to London Victoria and met up with Beckie. After a rather stuffy train journey and a stop off at Sainsbury’s for some party essentials with Sophie (who met us at the station), we arrived at Katie’s house – greeted by the one and only. We went upstairs and I got to catch up with the girls whilst munching on pepperoni pizza and sipping champagne (classyI know).

A hectic couple of hours later and people were starting to arrive for the party. A marquee had been put up in the garden and there were carved pumpkins dotted around with the number ’18’ in them – they were really cool. I dived straight for the crisp bowl and poured myself a drink into one of the American-style classic red cups. We mingled a bit and then headed for one of the garden tables.


carved pumpkin

After a couple of messy drinking games with Sophie’s pack of cards, Sophie, Beckie and I were off to collect Tierney from the train station (the last gang member).

Here’s a photo of us all – quite blurry but hey, it’s a classic party photo, non?


sophie, tierney, me, beckie, katie

The night consisted of more drinks, sparklers, a game of beer pong, lots of dancing and, in my case, a lot more eating (typical me). Here are a few more photos from the night:

Katie’s cake was absolutely incredible, I honestly couldn’t get over how amazing it looked:


katie’s cake

Not only was the Katie on the cake actually wearing the exact dress real Katie was, there were also cute things on the cake representing what Katie liked/who she was – the Topshop bag, her blue iPhone 5C, a bottle of wine, sheets with ‘A*’s on them and both the French and Spanish flags since she wants to do a French & Spanish degree. I thought it was so thoughtful and just amazing.

katie, sophie, tierney, me, beckie

katie, sophie, tierney, me, beckie

The party was lots of fun and we all got to meet some of the cool kids from Katie’s school. It was lovely seeing these girls once more and just enjoying ourselves and relaxing. I can’t wait to see them all again 🙂

Have you been to a party recently?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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