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Sunday Feature | My Week #2 (November 17-23, 2014)



Week #2

This week has been extremely stressful and very busy. I’ll do a quick roundup:

I had a Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2 assessment today which I had had little time to prepare for. These grades don’t count towards anything but I did make it a personal goal this year to try and hit my target grade in each topic test (not going so well at present…)

IMG_9056.JPGEven worse. I had an entire Core 3 Maths past paper as anassessment and I literally didn’t even revise for this because I genuinely didn’t have any time. I’ve been spending a lot of my evenings reading books and finishing Classics homework (we get so much). In the evening, I went with Eloise to Tortilla and I posted about it here.  IMG_9045We then met up with the rest of our Classics class at South Kensington to watch a performance of Hippolytus. I should post a review very soon!   We sneakily stopped off at Starbucks where I tried the Honey & Almond hot chocolate (it’s really good).   I also bought the cutest tapes from Paperchase to decorate my Filofax with. IMG_9080


After a late night, I had to wake up at 6am the following morning in order to catch a tube up to North London for an “Interview Day” with my friends from school. We met at 7:15am (yawn) and panicked when we realised that the Piccadilly line had suddenly closed! We had to take a completely different route with 3 overground trains, 1 tube and then walk for 10 minutes – crazy. The day was good fun, useful and exhausting. We decided to hit up Wagamama on the way back (we finished at 5pm) so we took a detour to Leicester Square.IMG_9067.JPG

I was knackered by this stage and all I wanted to do was sleep. My eyes were so sore I ended up wearing my glasses, and even then I just wanted to close them. (I almost fell asleep in Classics, but shh..) It didn’t help that I hadn’t had time to finish my Chemistry homework and that I had a Chemistry topic test – what is it with all of these tests?! Luckily I had a free period 6 and I went home to catch up on some Zzz.

Finally! I had a Decision 2 assessment in Further Maths which surprisingly went better than I expected. After lunch I came home, watched Gossip Girl and snuggled up in bed. You can also see that I’ve been using sticky notes to keep track of which lovely bloggers have posted about the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap!

IMG_9093.JPGI had planned to meet up with my friend, Alice, for coffee in Central London, however since the week had been so hectic, I didn’t realise how much work I had to do! I had to reschedule for next Saturday instead. I also managed to finish the two books I was so close to finishing but never got round to it: Antony Everett’s The First Emperor and the little A Short Introduction to: Classics by Mary Beard and John Henderson. In order to get out of the house, I went to Costa to have a peaceful, relaxing read of I, Claudius by Robert Graves. I ordered the White Hot Chocolate *heart eyes*


Another day filled with reading my book. I’m now 200 pages into I, Cladius and I plan on finishing it by tomorrow at the latest before starting another book! Time for some shut eye now methinks…

How was your week?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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