Another trip to Wagamama

Last Wednesday, after a long and tiring day in North London at an Interview Day with lots of other students from all over London, my friends and I were craving Wagamama. Like seriously craving the Japanese food. I went fairly recently in a trip I posted about here but my friends hadn’t gone in a while and we had already planned on going at some stage – why not make it a spontaneous trip though?!

Once we had finally secured a table in Leicester Square’s busy underground restaurant, we all pored over the menu trying to decide. I opted for the Ginger Chicken Udon since I haven’t had this dish in about a year! The two girls, Esha and Ambreen, with me also ordered this (they love this too) while Manpreet went for his usual Firecracker (I also love this).

While we waited for our food to arrive, Ambreen and Manpreet were both busy occupying themselves trying to take selfies on Ambreen’s phone. I caught them in action here (see below). I also ended up trying to teach them how to use chopsticks (typical Chinese thing to do) while they hopelessly tried to pick up random pieces of things on the table.IMG_9062

The first dish to come was Manpreet’s Firecracker which looked insanely good. I was starving by this point and nabbed some of his pepper pieces (with my chopsticks of course) – the spice levels were just right! He gobbled his down pretty fast and had practically finished by the time our Ginger Chicken Udon dishes had arrived.IMG_9065

Ours eventually did and mmm.. it tasted just as good as I remembered. As usual, I drizzled lots of chilli oil over my dish to add some spiciness and then used my chopsticks to stir it in.
Note: I was the only one who actually ended up using chopsticks during our meal (the rest resorted to forks and spoons, bless).

I loved every second of my meal – the beansprouts and spring onions worked really well with the chilli and the thicker noodles. My dish is pictured below:

IMG_9066I’m also certain that both Ambreen and Esha enjoyed their food too.

Oh, and remember I mentioned that selfie Ambreen and Manpreet were taking earlier? It appeared on SnapChat… IMG_9064

The meal was fab and it was really nice going out for a meal with these lot. I look forward to my next Wagamama adventure – believe me, there will be plenty more posts to come (I’ve decided to try every single dish on the menu).

I’ll end with another photo of food:


Have you been to Wagamama before?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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