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Sunday Feature | My Week #3 (November 24-30, 2014)


This week looks quite dull, however it has been quite busy.IMG_9177.JPG

I didn’t have school on Monday (yes!) but I did have a Greek Tragedy Study Day with my Classics class in London. It still meant I had a tiny lie-in though, which is always a bonus. The day was filled with four lectures from various universities and they were all rather interesting – I managed to get some good points from each of them. I also bumped into my Eton and Oxford friend, Henry, who I didn’t realise was also going to be there (small world!)

In the evening I went to Costa and had a Gingerbread Latte whilst I waited for my friend Katie to get down to London.


gingerbread latte

Isn’t the mini gingerbread man so cute? We then both made our way to Kanaloa for the Bloggers Love Hub event! I’ll be blogging about this in a separate post later next week! We then went to Covent Garden to have a look around the markets before grabbing dinner at Wagamama (watch out for another post).


covent garden market



After having a late night out in London, I was exhausted the next day and hadn’t finished my homework (oops). I also found out I got invited to my first university interview – exciting but scary times!

Wednesday saw me reading more of my book, I, Claudius, which I started on the weekend.

More reading but also emailing people and sorting out the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap event!

I finished I, Claudius, hurray! I also ate a lot of food today. Including a Cadbury oreo chocolate bar and mum’s homemade raspberry crumble with ice cream.


oreo chocolate


homemade crumble + ice cream

I spent the day at Imperial again. I also started reading The Classical World: Epic History of Greece and Rome by Robin Lane Fox. It’s a big book! I also enjoyed watching Strictly Come Dancing – Caroline was amazing!

I spent the day reading said book and also pairing the bloggers up for the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap. Lots to do this coming week. I can’t believe November is over already! 🙁

How was your week?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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