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The other day I received a tweet from the lovely Amanda over at Chocolate Pages telling me that I had been tagged! It’s something that is definitely getting me excited about Christmas and fits in perfectly with my blogmas posts. Thank you Amanda! 🙂

Here goes…

1. Favourite Festive Food
Oooh this is a tough one! Everyone who knows me will know that I love food, and so when it comes to Christmas I am not one to complain 😉 I love all the chocolate around during the period (who wouldn’t?!) but my favourite would probably have to be a good ol’ Christmas dinner – turkey, stuffing, yorkshire puds and all!

2. Favourite Reindeer
I think I’ve always had a little something for Dasher ever since I was a child *giggles*

3. Favourite Day from the 12 Days of Christmas
It’s between four calling birds and five gold rings but I’ll probably say four calling birds 🙂

4. Favourite Christmas Song
Ahh another toughie! Probably Shakin’ Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone:

AND Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You:

5. Favourite Christmas Present
Hmm.. I love all of the presents I get really! One of my favourites has to be my first laptop which I got 6 years ago now – I think it needs an upgrade very soon though 🙁 I also loved the roller blades and scooter I got when I was in primary school, tehehe.

6. Favourite Christmas Film
I really like Love Actually and Shrek!

7. Favourite Cracker Toy
I really like the puzzles you can get. One year I remember my cousin got a mini water pistol – that was pretty cool! Ooh and the mini games. I really like those.

8. Favourite Cracker Joke
Ah I’m afraid I can’t remember any 🙁

9. Favourite Christmas Decoration
I love the small wooden decorations my mum, sister and I bought on a trip to the German markets about six or seven years ago. We still have them and they’re so pretty!

10. Favourite Candle Scent
loooove candles. My favourite is anything vanillary or cinnamon. During Christmas I love the gingerbread scent though!

11. Favourite Christmas Advert
I actually really like M&S’s advert this year. It’s so cute!

12. Favourite Christmas Tradition
I love that on Christmas Eve, my sister and I always go into work with my mum and then my immediate family stay at my grandma’s from Christmas Eve up until New Year’s Eve usually. I also love how Christmas Day consists of the three grandchildren (i.e. me, my sister and my older cousin) eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate, playing on the Wii, watching films all day and then going for a walk around the nearby lake.

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
At my grandma’s house with the family!

14. Favourite Christmas Fact
If you and another person are under mistletoe, you have to kiss. It’s so cute.

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory
I like the scarf!

I’m throwing the snowball at some other bloggers who I’m sure will also have a lot of fun!

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Have fun girls!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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