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Blogmas Day Fourteen | My Week #6 (December 8-14, 2014)




I packed my bag the night before and made sure I had everything I needed for Oxford. I went into school for my first two lessons (double Statistics) before going to my orthodontist appointment where I found out that my braces will be coming off in about 4 weeks time – yay! I then rushed back home, did some last-minute packing, grabbed my three bags and rushed off to London Victoria to catch the Oxford Tube! IMG_9314.JPGYou may have read in my last My Week post here that I had booked the YHA for the night. I received an email from New College, Oxford telling me that they had a room for me instead so I stayed there for the night as soon as I arrived! I also found out my interview times for Tuesday and Wednesday and tried not to freak out at the fact I had 5 interviews to come. Yes, five. I met up with a couple of friends from the Oxford UNIQ Summer School in the evening which was also fab.

IMG_9317.JPGI finally met the other Classicists! I had two interviews today and also spent the majority of the day chilling with my new friends. We went to G & D’s in the evening with our college, yay!IMG_9348.JPG

Three interviews today! Once again, a more detailed post will be on its way 🙂
I went to dinner with all of my UNIQ friends as lots more had arrived today and Tuesday evening. We went to Nando’s and then chilled in my massive living room!


Afterwards, a few of us went to Jesus College to see my friend and chill out with all the other applicants there.

Today consisted of all the Classicists waiting around to see if we were called for any more interviews. We decided to go to the covered market and get some hot chocolate/food together.


I had to say goodbye to the majority of the Classicists since I was staying an extra night. Was quite sad. I met up with my UNIQ and Eton friends throughout the day and in the evening, the UNIQ girls + guys came to my college for dinner and then joined in on our Pub Quiz activity. We then all went to the pub.

My last day in Oxford! I said bye to the two remaining Classicists who were flying back to America later today 🙁
I then went shopping with UNIQ friends and ate lunch at Magdalen College! Then I took the Oxford tube home, back to reality…

I was supposed to go to the Imperial STEM day, however I was absolutely shattered from my week at Oxford so I spent the day sleeping and catching up with my family. I later went to meet Alice in London for dinner and a catch-up!


I got up nice and early(ish) to support the Bosnia 5k Fun Run fundraiser which the new cohort were doing at school.


Ambreen and I then went to Costa afterwards.IMG_9394.JPG

So my week was definitely eventful and jam-packed but I had such an amazing time!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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