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Blogmas Day Sixteen | Bosnia 5k Fun Run


As I said in my last My Week post here, I went to school on Sunday morning to support the Year 12’s who will be going to Bosnia this coming July. There was a 5k run along with lots of various stalls selling food and just generally trying to raise money towards their £1,000 target.

When I got to school, the first thing I saw was the UCAS Admissions Tutor/History & Politics teacher dressed up in the most ridiculous outfit:


The funniest thing was probably the fact that he wasn’t even participating in the Fun Run! My friend Manpreet, on the other hand, wore a weave and his mum’s tight dress:

He came first though, so fair play to him!

Inside, our Head of Sixth Form bought Ambreen, Esha and I chocolate covered strawberries from the chocolate fountain stall which was really sweet of her.


They tasted so good that I ended up going back for more (but this time with the profiteroles!)

She had some leftovers at the end and I ended up getting another stick of each later on (I’m a pig, I know). I also tried two vegetable samosas that were being sold along with the brownies and biscuits. I was so stuffed by the end of it but I felt as though my money had been well spent!

It was a nice morning seeing everyone again after what felt like the longest week away!

Have you done anything for charity recently?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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