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Blogmas Day Seventeen | #BloggersXmasParty


Two weeks ago now, I went to the Bloggers Christmas Party (#BloggersXmasParty) hosted by Nadja & Olivia from Blogging Owls on Twitter. I’ve finally got round to uploading the photos from my camera so the post is fashionably late.

IMG_9434.JPGOn Saturday night, I took the tube (yet again) up to Tottenham Court Road where I had arranged to meet Laura the night before. Unfortunately, my tube was late and there were some complications but eventually we found each other outside Nordic Bar, the venue for the get-together. It was nice meeting a fellow blogger before joining everyone else.

We had our own room at the back which was really cosy. There was a ping pong game going on as I arrived and there were some bloggers mingling in one of the corners. Laura and I dumped our bags and immediately got stuck in! Everyone had their cameras out and were taking photos of the Pick ‘N’ Mix bar set up at the venue.IMG_9210.JPG


Unfortunately, my camera died right after I took these photos! 🙁

There were also Twitter Raffles going on with lots of different goodies being given away. After following the instructions to enter these competitions, I grabbed a drink at the bar with Mara and we soon got chatting. I also caught up with an old friend, Bhavna, as well as finally meeting ChelseaPao and Sarah (who I’d been talking to over Twitter).

It was really nice to just have a couple of hours off reading Classics books and preparing for my university interviews the following week. As much as I loved meeting new people, I had to leave early because my younger cousin was coming to stay and I had to look after her. Laura also had to leave so we both walked to the station together.

goodies from the event

It was a really nice event and I can’t wait to go to any future ones!

Have you been to any Blogger Events?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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