Blogmas Day Eighteen | UNIQ Reunion – Part 1


Whilst I was at Oxford last week, lots of my friends from the Oxford UNIQ Summer School were also there for interviews, so we planned to get together after 4 months of separation…

On Wednesday evening, seven of us all went for dinner at Nando’s. I hadn’t been to Nando’s in aaages so that was good. Plus we all stole Max’s Nando’s virginity. Bonus.

jem’s selfie camera is poor

After eating my medium-spiced chicken burger with garlic bread and fries, we popped into the UNIQ Drop-In Session which was going on: anyone from UNIQ could hang out with free food and drink. I mean, who turns down free food? I caught up with a few Classicists that I recognised, two of which were in my Greek class in the summer, which was really good. It was strange to see lots of familiar faces dotted about the room back after the summer school. We also saw Adrian (who was in my college) and eventually we left and everyone headed to my college (because it’s the best, obviously) to chill in my huge living room.

After another hour or so, it was getting pretty late and lots of people had interviews the next day. I walked them to the entrance where we bumped into Harry (one of the Classicists at my college). All of the UNIQ lot were excited to see an American and bombarded him with questions (aw, bless). We said bye and agreed to meet up the next day anyway.

I met up with Jemima after saying goodbye to my friend, Rachel, at my college. Jemima was meeting up with two of her friends from another summer school and we all went to Costa. After spending some time with them, Jem and I wanted to go shopping… i.e. head to the MAC store.


Jem got her foundation colour chosen and then had it put on her. We walked around the shops before meeting Henry (an Eton and UNIQ summer school friend) who was at Christ Church. Alex then joined us and we all went to Henry’s room to chill out and chat. The girl Alex (yup, two Alexes) then came to meet us outside Christ Church because she wasn’t allowed in (LOL). We decided to go back to New College (it is the best…) for dinner. At dinner, I saw the remaining Classicists who were staying an extra night and my friend Owen told us to come out in the evening. The five of us then went to McDonald’s, accompanied by Adrian and two of his friends from New College, to meet one of Henry’s school friends. Henry and said friend (Joe) had planned on going back to their own college (Christ Church) just in time to be served a three-course meal. Henry’s second dinner for the day.


selfie time

After saying bye to Henry, the rest of us speed walked back to New College just in time for the Pub Quiz at 8pm. My friend Rafi, from the Eton Summer School, had also applied to New College and so he joined us and we formed a team of 6 – Adrian, Alex, Alex, Rafi, me and Jemima.

The Pub Quiz was fun but it was very long and drawn out. Owen, Harry and Hannah (other Classicists) arrived about half-way through. At around 10pm we headed to the pub with Owen, Harry and a couple of others and then at 11:30pm(ish) my UNIQ friends left and went back to their colleges – they were still waiting to see whether they had been pooled or not.

Jemima, Alex (boy) and I all went to eat at Magdalen College for lunch which was delicious. Jemima then had to get her train back to Wales.


alex being a gentleman

Alex took her suitcase down the stairs and then I walked her to the train station.


Later that evening I grabbed a Starbucks with girl Alex before I had to rush off back home.

It was really nice seeing everyone again after a couple of months despite the stressful circumstances! I can’t wait to see them all again at our UNIQ Reunion in nine days, eek 🙂

I hope this post wasn’t too confusing what with all the different names mentioned.

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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