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Blogmas Day Twenty Four | Christmas Traditions

Since today is Christmas Eve, I’ll do a quick post on the Christmas Traditions we have in my family.

On Christmas Eve, my sister and I always accompany my mum to her office at work (it’s “bring your child to work day”). After staying there for brunch and a Starbucks, we leave for my grandma’s. Usually, for as long as I can remember, everyone in the direct family come down to my grandma’s on Christmas Eve and then leave on Boxing Day. Unfortunately, things aren’t the same this year for as far as this tradition goes, but everything else is the same. Everyone hangs up their stockings together (my mum handmade all of our stockings and embroidered them with specific pictures/words based on who it was for). Here’s one side of mine:

On Christmas Day, the stocking presents are opened first. We then have to wait until everyone has woken up and is downstairs before we can open any of the presents from under the tree.

After the main presents have been opened, my mum, sister, cousin and I go to the local lake and go for a walk around it while my aunt cooks the Christmas lunch. We always have crackers at the meal and we always read out the lame jokes. The rest of the day is usually spent together: everyone is sat in the living room doing their own thing (on their laptop, reading a book, on their phone etc.) while the kids play on the Wii.

On Boxing Day, the kids (me, my sister and my cousin) all go to the cinema in the afternoon with our uncle. We also have roast beef for lunch on Boxing Day. We usually avoid the Christmas sales and do everything online (however some years we have gone into town).

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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