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Blogmas Day Twenty Seven | #apovgiftswap


About a month ago, I set up the Christmas Blogger Gift Swap where all types of blogs/bloggers could get involved: each blogger was paired with another and they exchanged gifts for Christmas.

I was paired with the gorgeous Megan from beaut-iful-you. After texting and emailing, we decided on a budget of £15 (which I may have exceeded).

I received some lovely gifts, including Topshop socks, a Lush bath bomb and a Paperchase notebook:

As soon as the package arrived, the first thing I opened was the card. It was an uber cute reindeer.

Topshop socks
I had mentioned these in my Christmas wish list I sent Megan and so I was pleased that she had purchased two pairs for me. They are so cute and black is the perfect colour for me!


I took both pairs with me to Boston and they are super warm and comfy – I love them!

Lush bath bomb
When I was unwrapping the presents, I could smell a gorgeous (but really strong) citrus-y smell. Before even opening it, I knew it had to be from Lush.


This is called Dashing Santa and I can’t wait to use it this weekend. I’ll be sure to post a review on it.

Paperchase notebook
Another thing on my Christmas list was stationary (specifically from Paperchase). Whilst I hadn’t planned on getting any more notebooks (I have far too many as it is), I know that it will come in handy sometime soon since I’m forever making lists. The design is so pretty as well!


I’m really pleased with my presents and I hope Megan likes the ones I got her!

I’ll be doing a Christmas Blogger Gift Swap (#apovgiftswap) round-up post in the near future with links to everyone’s posts!

In the meantime, keep up to date with A Piece of Viola by following me on bloglovin’.

Peace and love,
Viola xo


0 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Twenty Seven | #apovgiftswap

  1. I loved this gift swap. Thank you so much for organising it, I was really happy with my gifts and have had and will continue to have great chats with my blogger pair Shannon.
    Your gifts also look fab, paperchase is a great shop and the socks look so cosy and so cool. I look forward to the round up post.
    Amanda. x

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