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Blogmas Day Thirty | UNIQ Reunion Part 2

Following from the UNIQ Reunion down in Oxford, we all met up again nine days later in London. We had booked one night at the YHA Earl’s Court a few months ago so that we could all have a proper get together and catch up.

Last Sunday, Jemima and Alex got the train down from Wales and stayed at mine a night early. They were both exhausted and by the time they arrived at my house, all we had time for was dinner and a board game before hitting the sheets.

alex messing about with stores

We played one of the family’s favourite old board games: Trek. It was really nice having these two down at my house and the game was really fun. Gosh, I’ve missed these two. I also managed to update my snapchat – I can finally resize the text and change the font colour, hooray! Here’s an example:

alex aka snake

Alex was obsessed with the airplanes and kept staring out of my window plane-spotting. He was like a little kid in a candy shop, just waiting for the planes to approach. He even had his phone out taking pictures! :’)

The next morning, though exhausted, we forced ourselves up and managed to leave the house by 10:30am. Jemima had arranged to meet her aunt so Alex and I amused ourselves for about an hour. Starving, we headed to Kingston’s Five Guys.

*heart eyes*

After a rather long bus journey to Richmond, we hopped on the tube to Earl’s Court where everybody else was waiting for us. We found them in Pret A Manger where we finally got to see Dan, Phil, Eloise, Jenyth, Rose and Dina after four months! The rest (who I had seen more recently at Oxford) included: Max, Joe, Jess, Katie and Emily. Both Henry and girl Alex joined us later.

We dumped our stuff in the youth hostel and made our way to Piccadilly Circus. We wandered around the streets and chatted away, popping into different shops here and there.


fortnum and mason

After a while, Jemima and I split off from the group to quickly visit H&M, Forever 21 and Selfridges while the others went to Hamleys. We walked to Chinatown next for dinner – I led them to Wan Chai Corner after enjoying their food last time.


We ordered the Peking Set Menu for 7 people and the Vegetarian Set Menu for 2 people. (This was for a total of 14 people and was more than enough). Including a 10% service charge, it very nicely came to an exact amount of £11 per person and we all got plenty of food. For starters there was soup, followed by crispy duck pancakes and then the main. This consisted of a massive bowl of egg fried rice and four dishes: sweet and sour prawns, crispy beef, spicy chicken and steamed vegetables. Yum.

We then walked to Leicester Square and had a cute photo taken before going back to the youth hostel.

left to right: phil, alex, henry, jem, dan, me, max, rose, alex, joe, eloise, jenyth + jess

Back at the hostel, everybody came into the bigger girl’s room (we had one 6 bed room and one 3 bed room). Both Dan and Henry weren’t staying the night so we all just chilled and laughed about. Boy Alex was absolutely shattered and so he had gone to bed early (bless). I think everyone was just so exhausted from the long day (Jenyth had flown from Ireland and Phil + Rose had come from Newcastle!) that no-one had the strength to go back out again.

I was craving chocolate, and Jem and I needed to get breakfast for the next day so we left for the shops and dropped Dan and Henry off on the way. Since it was about 11pm by now, most of the shops near the hostel were closed. We were searching for a Tesco Express or Sainsbury’s Local and so had to take a bus into South Kensington.

Opposite Harrods we spotted a Sainsbury’s Local. Bingo! We got some croissants and yoghurt and I bought some oreo chocolate. The clock struck twelve before we made it back to our room so we took a quick snapchat selfie:


I woke up exhausted (as did everybody else) but we made it downstairs and into the local cafe for brekkie. Jem and I both ordered Earl Grey tea but ate our own food whilst everybody else ordered hot food.


Borough Market was our next stop since a few of us wanted to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I didn’t want to buy any food-related Christmas presents but it was still nice to have a wander around.


Jem, boy Alex and girl Alex all had to leave so we said our goodbyes 🙁

The rest of us walked along the path by the Thames from London Bridge to the Tate. There were really cute Christmas markets outside and so we all ended up spending a while looking at all of the different stalls. It was about 2pm at this point and I needed to be getting home soon (to buy my Christmas presents) so I led everyone back to Waterloo station. We stopped off at Starbucks and I got a chance to recharge my phone before taking the overground back home. Everybody else had looked up their train times too at this point and so we all departed and left each other *double sad face*.

It was really nice to see everybody again and to have a day and a half to spend with each other. Despite suffering from being extremely tired, I had a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again. It’s such a nice feeling being reunited with everyone again!

Check out Part 1 if you haven’t already!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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