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My Week #10 (January 5-11, 2015)

I have a small confession to make… I didn’t have any more plain filofax paper to print off another week so I didn’t use my filofax this week. However, I have ordered some more and it has arrived for the coming week!

Back to school, waah. Thought I’d started off the year well when I got 100% in two Statistics topic tests at school (but then I got 75% in a Mechanics test so…) I got the chance to use my kanken though and oh my gosh it is soo much easier than dragging my handbag to school and killing my arms!


I am writing a post about what I bought in Boston so you’ll see this beauty appear again, and I’m also planning a review of the kanken. I just love it.

Another long day filled with work work work. Coming back to school is nice since we get to see everyone again but I forgot how fast-paced it is. I’m still behind from last term, let alone this term! Buuut, my braces are coming off tomorrow and we hear back from Oxford.

I wrote a brief post about finding out here. Today I discovered that I had been offered a place by New College, Oxford. I wrote about my interviews if anybody is interested.


My braces also came off, wahey! Here’s a photo:


Nothing particularly interesting at school.

We basically finished all of Decision 2 today in class which is quite strange but also scary. In orchestra, we’re playing Pirates of the Caribbean again this term (yay!) and I’m also playing two separate flute solos (scaryyy).

All of my friends who applied to Cambridge found out today. I was supposed to be revising for my Classics mock next Wednesday but I ended up spending the day on The Student Room. I then went out for dinner with my friend who got an offer from Cambridge! I’ll do a review post up soon. Here’s my OOTN:


instagram: @violahelen_

Got back late last night so ended up sleeping in until lunch time! Didn’t get much work done because I was too busy on my phone (it’s such a serious distraction omg). I went for afternoon tea with my mum and sister to celebrate, aw.


afternoon tea

How was your week – are you back at school/college?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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