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Christmas Blogger Gift Swap | Round Up


As many of you may know, two months ago I organised the #apovgiftswap (Christmas Blogger Gift Swap) for any bloggers who wanted to get involved. The whole point of this swap was not only to receive some lovely Christmas gifts, but also to get to know a fellow blogger (and hopefully one that would become a friend afterwards!)

You can read all about the gift swap here and I plan on running one again this Christmas!

My #apovgiftswap post is here and, as promised, here are the links to all the gorgeous bloggers who got involved:

Mrs Savage Angel
Chocolate Pages
Sophie Deaks
Queen Bee Becca
What Sass Says
Poppy Tails and Trails
Foxs Fads
The July Journal
Habibi Lifestyle
The Lilac Scrapbook
Knocky Blogs
Charlene Jess
Dot About Town
Rachel Tries Life
Strange Made Me
What Does Mel Think
Shannon Agains
Charlotte Coster
Milk 2 Sugars
Bee Cathy

There are a few more bloggers who took part but haven’t posted about the swap yet but when they do I’ll update the list.

Happy reading! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who got involved – I really appreciate it and I’m so glad  you all had fun!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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