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My Week #13 (January 26 – February 1, 2015)


Just your typical day at sixth form. I also discovered that we had been locked out of the house by my sister (yes, literally locked out – she had left the key in on the inside of the door and no-one could open the door with their key!) Luckily we managed to get back inside the house after a couple of hours of freezing outside! I also called my gap year partner, Alice, for a loong chat about our plans for Australia! Fraser Island is somewhere we will definitely be checking out!


I was absolutely exhausted and had a splitting headache so I didn’t end up going to sixth form today. I spent the day resting, catching up on sleep and reading a book. I would have loved to catch up on my school work but unfortunately I was way too tired for that!

Chemistry Evaluative Coursework almost made me cry (almost). I knew it hadn’t gone well and it really just stressed me out completely. I was sick and tired of school work and stress and I kept thinking about how far behind I was at school and how close (mock) exams are… IMG_0455

I thought this picture summed it up quite nicely.

I found out the result of my mock Classics exam and I managed to get an A?! I am genuinely so pleased with that result (only 3 UMS away from an A*!) considering we weren’t even given the full amount of time for the 40-mark question. Let’s hope I can improve on this for the real thing! I also ‘prefected’ at school for the Year 11 External Applicant Information Evening. It was a long night and I didn’t get home until 9:30pm. I also got an email telling me that I was confirmed for the Bloggers Love Fashion Week – Gossip Girl themed! So excited for this!


I went to visit a potential venue for my 18th birthday party and I really liked it! It was perfect (i.e. it is in a good location and near where I live, it’s easily accessible, and it’s big enough for the amount of people but not too big to make it awkward when dancing etc.) We decided to book it and I quickly began messaging people about it.

I spent the day basically making my invitations for the event. I edited a design and then added my own party details. I printed them out and then backed them on black card before personalising each one with the person’s name on on the back and popping them into an envelope – done! It practically took up the entire day but I managed to watch a whole load of Gossip Girl episodes as I made them so I wasn’t complaining.


My younger cousin, Jiang, also came to stay for the night. She had twisted her ankle and so was on crutches (aw, bless) so I also helped to look after her and we played with her (she’s six).

Today we had a Chinese meal planned at a restaurant buffet we had all been to before. It was for the Children Adopted From China group in our area. It was really nice seeing some familiar faces and catching up with everybody there, as well as eating platefuls of Chinese food!


Back to my normal healthy diet tomorrow! 🙂

How was your week?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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  1. Ooh sounds like you had a busy week. That Chinese food looks really good.
    I just nominated your blog for the liebster award. If you fancy taking part you can find out more on my post here
    Joanny 🙂

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