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My Week #14 (February 2 – 8, 2015)


Okay, I’m guilty. I’ve been really busy (and procrastinating loooads) on top of trying to juggle homework, revision for mocks, party planning, gap year planning and my numerous activities each week… so I know I haven’t managed to keep on top of blogging this week. However, I will be sorting out a proper blogging schedule over the half-term and should start scheduling posts in advance! 🙂

I’ve been putting my small coloured stickies to good use this week, and I intend on using them like this every week! I’ve tried to schedule roughly which subjects I should be going over/revising in the spare time I have each evening. It’s half-worked as you can see not everything has been crossed off – all I can do is improve though, right?

I gave out my invitations to people at school which was really nice and I posted the rest. Exciting times!

We got our Alexander papers back in Classics today. Our other teacher had kindly spent time scaling our marks from both mock papers into UMS and then added that onto our existing AS UMS marks. According to the two mock papers, I’m +30 UMS above the A grade and 3 UMS away from the A* – eek! Very pleased with that. Maybe the A* in Classical Civilisation is within reach after all? I actually made a couple of Chemistry revision cards in the evening too (quite proud of myself for not procrastinating…)


Today was an incredibly fatty day, consisting of cheesecake, pizza, wedges, mini eggs, you name it. Twasn’t nice. I also got completely distracted by the new Further Maths and Chemistry group chats 🙁

School is open late on Thursday’s and since there was an evening event anyway, a group of us stuck around to try and get some work done. I can safely say that it was just a massive catch-up session with everyone. We were all just chilling and having a good time (did someone say homework? What’s that?)


snapchat selfie

I had a really bad stomach ache and was exhausted from everything so I didn’t go into school. Again, I wanted to catch up on work but the unstructured day ended up with me staying in bed researching more gap year stuff. Oops. My friend Dan was also surprised that a mutual friend of ours was coming down from Cardiff for my birthday celebrations (he thought it was a long way to come). I told him that I have a friend coming all the way from Sheffield… He didn’t realise just how far away Sheffield is so I had to send him this…


The day was spent at Imperial which was surprisingly okay (although I got nothing done). We did a really cool experiment in the Chemistry session though. Ooh and I came home to these babies *heart eyes*


I actually managed to get some work done today and stick to my mini plan of the day. I even squeezed in a workout from Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides- I’ve managed to fall slightly behind on Week 2 🙁


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I hope your week has been fab!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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