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Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide 1.0

Here we go again…

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide 1.0

Okay, so I didn’t exactly make it past Week 4 back in the Summer holidays last year. You can read about my experiences here and here. I had good reason though – not only did I have very important AS exams during that time, but I also had three summer schools and one two-week trip to Bosnia straight after. There was no way I would have the time to be working out. Over the Eton Summer School and Bosnia trip (the whole month of July), I managed to gain about 8 pounds. Coming from me, that is a lot of weight to gain in just under a month. I didn’t realise how it actually affected me visibly until I saw photos of myself in August. I hadn’t shifted the weight and I just looked chubby. I didn’t like it. It was safe to say that my long-exisisting ‘natural’ flat abs were now well and truly gone.

By the time September rolled around, I had shifted the weight. I just ate clean and healthily and boom, the weight just dropped off. However, I still didn’t have my abs back. My weight before had always gone to my legs whilst my stomach had always remained flat as a pancake (my torso isn’t in proportion with my body) but all of a sudden, the roles had been reversed. My legs looked slimmer whilst my stomach was gaining all of the weight! I was incredibly busy during the first term of Year 13 with my EPQ and UCAS and interviews that I didn’t have the time or motivation to restart Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide. But now I finally have.

Week 3 starts on Monday, and the photo below is me at the start of Week 2. Her workouts still kill me but I’m well and truly loving it! I feel stronger and much more fit. What’s more, the fact I’ve joined the 5am Club means I definitely have time for her workouts in the morning, and during her LISS sessions, I just call a friend and catch up for about 40 mins – it’s brilliant.

I truly can’t wait to see what I’ll look like in another 10 weeks, and I’m praying that I manage to stick to her workouts! Follow my progress on instagram (@violahelen_) where I’ll be posting regular updates. I would highly recommend you trying these guides. They definitely make you feel much better about yourself, plus you become so much more lean and fit!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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    • Unfortunately, I’ve been so caught up with A levels that I didn’t stick with it! I’ve just restarted this week *hides face* but I have a BBG buddy now so I should be finishing the programme this time! Have you posted about your progress? X

      • Ahh, that’s too bad! Good luck beating it this time 😀 I haven’t posted any progress pics, maybe after week 12? If I feel comfortable enough by then to share it, hahah. X

        • Haha, ah I think I will – at least I sure am motivated to this time! Aw yeah, I’m sure you’ll see a big improvement so you should be proud of yourself but do what you’re most comfortable with 🙂 x

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