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It’s Mock Week

Mock Exam season has hit and it’s not looking pretty at the moment.

Unfortunately for the Year 13s at my school, this half term is mainly being spent doing revision. Or for some, revision is the only thing they will be doing. Our mock exam week begins on my birthday (*sobs*) and continues for the rest of the week. I have six mocks (having had two Classics ones already) followed by a further exam for Further Pure 2 in another two weeks.

My revision hasn’t been consistent at the moment and, unlike my Year 12 mocks (I got AACDD), I would like to take these mocks more seriously. However, I realise that at this point it is too late for me to be achieving A*A*A* by next week so I’m just going to have to give it my all. At the end of the day, I’m going to start revising for the real exams in June and so if I’m prepared for only half of the topics which will be coming up in my mocks, it doesn’t matter because at least I’ll be revising thoroughly for the real things rather than cramming. I just hope I manage to get AAA as this will mean I won’t be too stressed out about meeting my Oxford offer in the summer.

My blog posts may be a tad delayed in the next two weeks but I should be back on track afterwards! Wish me luck lovelies 🙂

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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