Chinese New Year 2015

IMG_0646Chinese New Year began yesterday – the Year of the Goat (also known as the Year of the Sheep).

Since my Mum and my sister are abroad in South Africa, I spent Chinese New Year a little differently this time. The day started with a lovely message from my Mum telling me where she hid my lucky red packet.


ft chipped nails

I spent the day lounging about and watching The Carrie Diaries on my laptop before my friend Ambreen came round in the evening for dinner. It’s tradition every Chinese New Year to order takeaway food (since my Mum can’t cook…) so it was nice to do the same this year.

We ordered from the local Chinese place: egg fried rice with sweet and sour chicken, noodles with sweet and sour chicken, crispy chili beef, prawn crackers and, of course, fortune cookies.


candle lighting


cute candlelit dinner


ambreen’s photography

We got the wine out too…



After completely stuffing my face with delicious Chinese food, we moved onto the fortune cookies. Here’s what mine said:


really like this

Here’s one last snap of the gorgeous candlelit date:


I brought in the New Year with good company, Chinese food and wine – perfect. 💞

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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