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#MotelFamily + Wishlist

Guess what guys and girls?!

I discovered an email yesterday telling me that I am now part of the Motel Rocks Family. I’ve been handpicked to help spread the love, get involved with the company and maybe even style some of their gorgeous clothing. I am so excited to be on board!

I thought I’d put together a wishlist of all the items I’m currently lusting after…

Motel Rocks Wishlist
  1. Motel Xaria Crop and Annie Skirt Pack in Santorini Blue – I am absolutely loving this co-ord! It’s cute and sleek: the prints are also gorgeous. I love the shape and fit of both the top and skirt – it would look lovely on a warm Spring day. Since I’m currently planning my eight-week trip to Australia during my gap year (I’ll be taking you beautiful lot with me), this piece is perfect for those stylish days on the beach and tourist-y trips during the day.
  2. Sally Mae Shift Dress in Green Irridescent – This dress is the ultimate party dress. It sparkles and is the most beautiful colour ever. Definitely an item which will make you stand out from the crowd!
  3. Sherri Pinafore Jumpsuit in Black – A basic fashion staple. How chic does this pinafore jumpsuit look?! I’ve been lusting after one of these for some time now and I think I’ve finally found the most perfect style.
  4. Annie A Line Skirt in Big Lotus – Perfect little skirt which can easily be paired with a basic crop or strappy top. Simple but beautiful print – I definitely have my eyes on this!
  5. Plazo Relaxed Tee in Bubble Jersey Black – I’ve been looking out for a basic textured black tee and this one seems to fit the bill. It can be paired with anything and adds something to a simplistic outfit.
  6. Bian Turtleneck in Huge Paisley Navy – Oh my gosh, as soon as I saw this turtleneck I knew I wanted it. It is such a gorgeous colour and gorgeous design I just… *heart eyes*
  7. Sian Skater Dress in Sun Moon and Stars – I’ve seen this pattern on a number of Motel’s products but this dress just stood out to me. The style is so cute and the print is even cuter (I’m a sucker for anything sun, moon and stars related). Definitely a must-have day dress.
  8. Annie A Line Mini Skirt in Mandala Original – This is the prettiest skirt, ahh! The design stands out as soon as you see it and the colour means that you can pair this skirt with any other monochrome colour, giving a classy, chic and simple style. The same A Line style skirt is what I’m loving at the moment so this one is definitely on my list!
  9. Cuff Cropped Blouse in Santorini Blue – As you can tell, I am really liking the Santorini Blue range. The print creates a statement and can be paired with some high-waisted jeans. There’s nothing much else you need to worry about so long as you’ve got this top on! This top is what makes the outfit.

And there we have it: my Motel Rocks Wishlist.

What do you think?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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