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Bloggers Love | Gossip Girl London Fashion Week

Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Bloggers Love Gossip Girl-themed event for London Fashion Week. With the chance to go all out and dress up as a Gossip Girl character, as well as enjoy browsing a variety of different brands, I knew I was definitely in! Another of my Gossip Girl-obsessed friends, Ambreen, accompanied me and we eventually settled on outfits. Although I would say I’m more of a Serena and Ambreen is more of a Blair, we both ended up dressing as the opposite.

Ambreen as Serena + me as Blair

The photo above was taken with my new camera (flip-down selfie screen and all!)

We made our way to the venue in East London: Hoxton Arches. It was an airy art gallery and was said to be similar to the Humphrey Art Galleries in the series. This is the second event I’ve been to hosted by the lovely Danielle, however there were definitely far more bloggers at this event than before. This meant that the gallery did get quite crammed and stuffy; nevertheless Ambreen and I managed to squeeze our way through and talk to a couple of brands.

The first brand we came to was Pure Gold Collagen:

This small bottle not only tastes amazing (no, seriously) but it has numerous health benefits. Supposedly, this drink helps to stimulate cell growth which in turn leads to healthier, younger-looking skin along with helping to maintain healthy hair and nails. The drink contains collagen and anti-oxidants, both of which are incredibly good for you. Weirdly, I’m actually learning about collagen and its effects in my Chemistry A2 course so to see this being put into action in the modern day world truly is fascinating.

The lady at the stand was very enthusiastic and informative, however when she discovered that I didn’t have a business card with me, I felt as though she dismissed me and didn’t care anymore. She immediately left me and began talking to another blogger who, as it happens, presented her with a business card. Being a fairly new blogger, I haven’t fully established where I want to take my little space on the internet {I mean, I’m not even self-hosted yet}, so of course I wouldn’t invest money into making business cards at the moment. Regardless of this minor incident, I still think this new concept is wonderful and I would love to give it a proper try!

showcasing gold collagen

We also got to see the incredibly talented Willa Gebbie at work. The queue for a sketch from her was building up so Ambreen and I quickly joined the line. Unfortunately, after waiting for two hours, we were literally at the cut off point so we didn’t get a drawing 🙁

I got to speak to one more brand before we left: Cloud Skin Solutions

The man at the counter was incredibly nice and talked me though a particular cream specifically for people who suffer from eczema (I do but only very slightly). I tried some of the cream and it was really soft – so nice! I’ll be checking these guys out the next time I need to buy some cream.

I had also hoped to get my nails done at the nail bar but there was a long queue for that too. Never mind! I had an enjoyable evening and met some other friendly bloggers 🙂

Ambreen and I then went to the bar next door for martinis before heading back home. Since this was the day after my 18th birthday (and after not having been ID’d at Sainsbury’s), I was keen to finally show off my legal age. But… I wasn’t ID’d at the bar. *giggles*

Did you go to the Gossip Girl London Fashion Week Event?

Peace and love,


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