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It’s Later Than You Think

This, along with Go hard or go home, is my new mantra.

Today, a notification from the Countdown App popped up on my phone:

D2 Exam is 3 months away!

Now this might not mean a lot to any of you but, for me, my D2 exam marks the end of A levels. In exactly three months, this will all be over. In three months, I will be FREE and you know what? I cannot wait. It dawned on me that three months isn’t long at all, but at the same time, there is enough time to prepare for these daunting examinations. Today made me realise that I can do anything I want in just three months’ time… so why am I constantly wasting my precious time now? I should be working hard to ensure I achieve the grades I need for university.

After my mock results, I wasn’t too pleased but I also wasn’t worried (which is actually quite worrying!). Considering I’m aiming for A*A*AA, my mock results were poor. Combined with my AS UMS scores from last year, I achieved:

Mathematics – A
Classical Civilisation – A
Chemistry – B
Further Mathematics – C

With these grades, I would get into my current insurance choice, Edinburgh, however it isn’t what I should be achieving come August. Now I know mock results don’t mean anything, and I know that I definitely didn’t take them seriously, but they do put things into perspective.

My procrastination has become so bad that I even had to create an A3 coloured collage of New College, Oxford. I’ve printed this out and stuck it right above my desk – I’m praying that this will begin to motivate me. I’ve also begun to think about my action plan for the Easter holidays; I really want to get a decent amount of work done! The main thing I keep needing to remind myself of is the fact that I’m taking four A levels instead of the usual three (which the majority are taking in my year) and so my frees are much more valuable to me, especially since I have six less than everybody else.

I’ve been invited to be a VIB (Very Important Blogger) at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Event tomorrow evening in Shoreditch, however since I’m popping in on Thursday anyway, I realise that it would take the entire evening for me to get there and back (around 3 hours in total there and back, excluding the actual event duration!) so I’ve sensibly decided to turn this offer down. Besides, I’m going out for afternoon tea on Saturday as well as clubbing in the evening which wipes out my entire weekend, so missing one event is probably for the best. On the plus side, I do have the #SLBloggerBash to look forward to at the end of the Easter holidays (once I’ve got lots of revision done!)

After this weekend, I hope to snap into exam mode – and I really hope to keep you guys updated, as well as blogging about a few other things here and there when I have the time.

Do you have any exams soon?

Peace and love,


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  1. The education system here in Ireland is a bit different to where you are. But basically I started the senior cycle course last September and I will be sitting my final exams in June 2016. Its hard to think in a year and a half I will (hopefully) be in college! There’s a strong exam culture over here and the pressure is already piling on, hopefully the both of us can pull through it when D-Day comes!

    Catherine x

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