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Bloggers Love Fashion Week | #BLFW

I had yet another enjoyable event with Bloggers Love last Thursday in Shoreditch: indulging in the a-mazing cupcakes, speaking to some fab brands and meeting some lovely bloggers. After navigating our way from the station to the event and climbing a lot of stairs, we eventually reached the lofty and spacious venue. Whilst waiting for the brands to finish getting ready (we arrived fifteen minutes early), we got chatting to some of the other bloggers which was really nice. Once we had ticked our names off the list, we entered the Gifting Lounge and were greeted by a table of cute sweets and Bloggers Love gift bags.  The cupcakes on the nearby table looked so good too.  The details put into these cupcakes for the event though… *heart eyes*We spoke to the lovely skincare brand Exuviance and I was kindly gifted the Purifying Clay Masque (which I can’t wait to try!) Having been tweeted by the company Comb on Twitter, I was excited to finally meet the brand and get to know more about the app. Eloise and I were given the selfie stick and they kindly printed the photo in polaroid form for us:

We also got some hairbos… who says no to free sweets? The idea behind Comb is brilliant – you download the app and upload a photo of a piece of clothing you like but have no idea where it’s from. The app will then find an item which is similar, or even find an exact match! How simple and innovative is that?!

We then moved on to Tara Osborne Jewellery and spoke to Tara, the designer and creator, herself.

Her rings and necklaces were so pretty and I’m so glad I got to speak with Tara and got to know more about the person behind the brand. The fact that she started making jewellery as a hobby which has now turned into an actual business is so inspiring!

Since Eloise and I were going to the theatre later in the evening, we were in a hurry and so only had enough time left to speak with Magnitone. Gina, a beauty and skincare expert, introduced the brand to us and explained exactly how the device works. Electromagnetic technology means that electromagnetic pulsations are sent in vibrations into the skin – this frequency is the perfect amount to naturally unclog pores as well as sweeping away dry and dead skin cells.

I was very kindly gifted the Magnitone Lucid version and I will be sure to review it. I’m on Day 2 right now and boy does my skin feel fabulous.

Although we had to leave early on, and although I wasn’t able to speak with every single brand, I had an enjoyable time and I know that Eloise did too. It was lovely to meet some new people, some new brands and, most importantly, to be reminded why I blog. It was inspiring.

I was generously gifted by a few brands on the night and I can’t wait to try them all – expect some reviews in the {near} future 🙂

Did you go to the event?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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