Where Have I Been?!

For the past three and a half months I have been AWOL. My (fairly) regular blog posts had stopped and my tweets had rapidly dwindled. There is one, and only one, answer to the title of this post:

Exams full-stop.

A level revision took over around April and lasted all the way through to the end of June (I’m so glad I survived) which means that blogging, unfortunately, had to take a backseat. Upon finally being granted freedom by Edexcel (damn you Decision 2!), my days have been spent lounging about, applying for jobs and re-reading the Harry Potter series. I’m now on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for any of you Potterheads out there…

I had a nice long weekend in Bristol visiting my friend and we went and explored the woods and the city (I’ve always loved Bristol!)

I also went on a two-week holiday to the Caribbean and I’ll be writing more detailed posts on those later on so keep your eyes peeled! After my (well-deserved) holiday abroad, the full time work began to fund for my eight months of travelling during my gap year. Working full-time really takes all of your energy and had left me far too exhausted to write a blog post, which is why I’ve only got round to doing it now.

Although I am now juggling three jobs and finding it difficult to just sit down and have a cuppa, I am determined to restart my blog and continue creating content for you gorgeous readers out there! I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to become self-hosted just yet and hence I won’t be changing to a domain name either (I want to do these both at the same time). On the other hand, I’m really excited to announce that I will be starting a YouTube channel (say WHAT?!) in a couple of month’s time just before I head off on my travels. I have no idea how to properly edit on iMovie yet (newbie MacBook owner here!) but I will learn and I will try my best. I’m so excited to share everything with all of you!

There will also be more consistency each week:

Tuesday & Friday – blog post
Sunday – Weekly Round-Up

Until then…

Peace and love,

P.S. I chopped off my oh-so-long hair! *gasps*

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