Sunday Summary

Hey everyone!

I’m introducing a new weekly feature to the blog today… *drum roll please*

So what have I been doing & enjoying this past week?

– NCS (with The Challenge) RCD Week from Monday-Thursday. I’ve been working as a Senior Mentor on the National Citizen Service’s three-week programme for young children aged 15-17. I look after a team of between ten and twelve young people and it’s been great fun! Read more about the programme here.
The RCD (Real Challenge Design) week is the final week of the summer programme and meant that I had to say my final goodbyes and farewells to the twelve young people I was mentoring. It was fairly emotional but I’m oh so proud of how far they have come in just three weeks!

– lazy day
okay, okay so who doesn’t enjoy a fabulous day spent sleeping in and then watching films? I got out of bed at around 1pm (a very rare occurrence!) on Friday and watched Captain America and Captain America 2 which were really enjoyable.

– I had my Thorpe Park induction on Saturday. Despite having worked for Thorpe Park previously, I had to go through another Park induction. This introduced us to Merlin as a company, Health & Safety and Customer Service. I met some new people which is always nice! I also went to Tabard Theatre that evening to watch Shakespeare’s R&J which was definitely a different sort of production but interesting to watch nevertheless.

– Richmond Green was extremely busy this lovely Sunday afternoon as the weather was absolutely gorgeous. There were dozens of picnickers and lots of people sat by the bars and pubs overlooking the Thames (ourselves included). We also ate yummy burritos and nachos at Tortillaread about my review here!

– Tomorrow I embark on my second wave of NCS where I will be working again as a Senior Mentor. I’m excited to be off to Wales again for PC Week (personal challenge) but I’ve had barely any time to myself! There’s no rest for the wicked, eh?

How was your week?

Peace and love,


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