Sunday Summary

What a week I have had… tired isn’t even the word. Where do I begin?

– Wales: my second wave with NCS The Challenge took me back to the beautiful North Wales, and how lucky we were with the weather! Arthog, North Wales tired me out with its absolutely freezing gorge, a three hour DofE-style hike, kayaking for 3/4 of a day and finally rock climbing/abseiling. Despite the mental challenges, exhaustion being one of them (I almost fell asleep whilst waiting to rock climb…), it was definitely an enjoyable experience. Aren’t the photos gorgeous?

 results day was definitely something that was on my mind this week. Since I couldn’t collect my results, I was worried that I’d have no signal or decent wifi to check UCAS track, let alone make any phone calls if I needed to. Although track said that it wouldn’t update until 8am, I got it to let me login at 7:28am and guess what?!

Yes, you read it correctly guys- I got into Oxford?!?! The fact that I can happily go away on my gap year for eight months stress-free, knowing that I have a place at New College, Oxford, is the best feeling. Ever. 

– celebrations: when I got back from Wales on Friday, I went out with my family and bf for a celebratory meal at The Shack in Twickenham.. yay for getting into university! 🙂

– mug shots is a thing between all of the NCS staff on this wave. The struggle between giving in and sleeping on the coach (because you are so, so tired) versus the fact that the other staff members will be taking a mug shot of you asleep is definitely a tricky one. I’ve got away safely this week with no mug shots and no sleeping selfies either!

– green apples: having always preferred the lady red apples, I’ve suddenly taken a liking to the sour green ones.

– eng vs fra match: on Saturday I worked an 11.5 hour shift for the rugby match. Having been worn out by my week in Wales, it was an extremely difficult task staying awake {particularly as I was doing shirt-printing}. It’s all £££ for my gap year though 😉

– sleep: pretty self-explanatory considering my week has been mega-packed.

I hope you’ve all had a fab week and to anyone who received A level results: I hope you got what you wanted, and to those of you receiving GCSE results this coming week: sit tight and good luck!
Just remember: grades don’t define your future.

Peace and love,


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