Sunday Summary

Last weekend was so, so hectic with two Rugby World Cup matches and everything in-between which meant that I didn’t have time for my Sunday Summary (please don’t hit me). So, my boyfriend, being the clever dicky he is, suggested I do a one-off fortnightly post to round up the past two weeks.

– Rugby World Cup kicked off and boy was it insane. I was given two 5pm-5am shifts for the first two matches at Twickenham {kill me now} but *luckily* we finished at 1:30am on the first night and my shift got changed to 12:30pm-12:30am for the second match!

– new friends bring something new and different to the table. Working such long shifts at work with the same people has just brought us together. When the tasks are very repetitive, chatting away is the only thing that gets you through the shift, and that is exactly what we did for twelve hours.

– Turtle Bay is such a nice restaurant. The boyfriend took me out for dinner there and 👌🏼 I opted for half a marinated chicken with sweet potato fries and a rum punch cocktail. Delicious 😍

 – clubbing twice this week was a crazy idea. The first night was at Tiger Tiger London and my gosh, the amount you pay for drinks is ridiculous! Between the two of us, we probably spent a total of 80 quid… whaat?! We had a fab night out though & I got a little too drunk.. let’s not mention the night bus. The second night was completely spontaneous and was at The Hippodrome – another fab night out ☺️ I did feel the repercussions of two nights out the following week at work though!

– nando’s chillies: my boyfriend had finally collected ten chillies on his nando’s card so we decided to claim the whole chicken last Tuesday. I had been craving peri-salted chips for a few days before that which made the decision perfect. I’m determined to get to ten chillies before I leave for my travels!  – gap year bookings + tefl course: my gap year buddy and I finally got round to booking our first night’s accommodation in Australia! We booked an apartment in Melbourne for eight nights and then an apartment in Sydney for twelve nights (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, eek!) Our flats look absolutely amazing {we have a rooftop pool and access to a gym in Melbourne…} and they averaged out to £19 a night – what a bargain.
 I also started my online 120-hour TEFL course in order to teach English abroad. I have so much to do it’s insane!

– birthday celebrations: my boyfriend turned 19 on Saturday and we spent the evening out at The Pheasant with the rest of his family for a fantastic meal. The restaurant was so nice and the food was amazing.
– wahaca, bill’s + domino’s: I finally got the chance to catch up with a friend in London and we gossiped over great Mexican food followed by a walk along Southbank and a chocolate brownie at Bill’s. I then came home to a domino’s order from my boyfriend (I love pizza; he loves domino’s meteor pizza only).

Hoping your week was fab too!

Peace and love,


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