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My Gap Year Plan

If you’re not a frequent reader of my blog, or if you’ve just stumbled across my little place on the internet, you won’t know that I am currently in my gap year. How exciting is that?! What have I been doing so far? What have I planned? Why am I taking a year out?

I wrote briefly about taking a gap year back here, but why am I actually taking one? The answer is pretty simple in my eyes:

  1. I need a break from work and school and revision and everything to do with study, and
  2. I want to travel the world.

What have I been doing so far?
Up until now, I have been working full-time in order to save up those pennies. Unlike others who know in advance they are taking a gap year, I didn’t save much money at all beforehand. Thus, I have had only five months to secure the money I will need for my travels – it’s been a really tough life *cries*

The Plan
Exactly seven weeks today, on Friday 4th December, I will be travelling to Melbourne, Australia. From there I will be backpacking up the East Coast to Cairns in just over eight weeks. I will then fly directly to Bali, Indonesia for exactly a week before flying to China. In China, I am taking part in a paid internship where I will teach English in a Chinese school for five months.


  • Australia’s East Coast – 8.5 weeks
  • Bali – 1 week
  • China –  5 months

I’ll be travelling with one of my close friends, Alice, and we’ve already planned some amazing things in Australia. It’s crazy how little time we have left and how much we still have to do!

The best part about my eight months away for you lovely reader is that I will be taking you with me! I plan to blog and vlog my entire journey! My YouTube account should be up and running by the time I leave and you can also follow my adventures on the following social media platforms:

instagram – @violahelen_
twitter – @violahelen_
snapchat – @violahelen

I hope you enjoyed my brief outline for the year and I hope you’ll join me on my eight month adventure!
If you have any questions whatsoever about my plans then ask away! 🙂

Peace and love,


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  1. You should definitely come over to NZ! Such a good place with amazing people 😉 Hint, hint. A gap year was the best thing I could have done! Absolutely zero regrets. I wish I had done a paid internship though! That sounds like the best opportunity 🙂

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