Sunday Summary

See, I told you this fortnightly Sunday Summary thing would happen again. Oops.

I hadn’t actually realised how jam-packed the last couple of weeks have been. I’ve made new friends, taken trips across the country, eaten lots of good food and got a lot of work done.

– university trips: I went to visit one of my Cambridge Summer School friends, Matthew, for one of his freshers events (he goes to Imperial). It was a hectic night with Tiger Tiger being absolutely packed. You could barely move around BUT there was free candy floss. Free! It was amazing. I also went up to Warwick to visit my boyfriend and I had a lovely time meeting all his flatmates and catching up with other summer school friends. 

I got dragged to a hip-hop society event, made the (fairly) long trek up to Tesco’s for the weekly shop as well as experiencing the 7:30am fire drill. Student life, eh? Although I was also woken up by a 7:30am fire alarm whilst at Imperial visiting Matthew… maybe I just trigger the alarm?

– free stuff! I ended up at Imperial’s freshers fair and walked away with various tote bags filled with an abundance of flyers and leaflets promoting events and societies. I got given lots of sweets, chocolate and strangely a banana?? The university’s kitchens were also handing out mini pots of chicken chow mien with spring rolls (yum!) and the Nando’s stand gave me a free 1/4 chicken while Matthew secured a £10 Wagamama voucher which he kindly gave to me. Win win situation!

– dinner + comedy on a boat: My mum spontaneously decided to buy two tickets to a comedy show which was performed on a boat opposite the London Eye. We ate dinner in the bar beforehand {the chicken burger was so good} and the show was better than either of us were expecting!  

The views were spectacular – I’d really recommend dining on a boat; it’s a very different and enjoyable experience.

– shopping: I decided to treat myself to two new items – a green and navy flannel shirt and a purple-y patterned t-shirt dress. I love both of them. 

– food, food, food: I caught up with one of my friends, Eloise, in Nando’s which was really nice. We shared a whole chicken and I was s-t-u-f-f-e-d (I got large peri-peri chips with it).

 I’ve also been eating burgers and hot dogs and lots and lots of chips at every Twickenham match for dinner {so basically lots of unhealthy food}. And I went to Wasabi for dinner before catching my coach to Warwick.

Oh, and we went out to eat at Wagamama in Warwick using my voucher.

– injuries: I somehow managed to pull a ligament in my knee whilst doing exercise. It was very painful and I could barely walk on Friday because of the pain; I couldn’t bend my knee in the slightest without it hurting. Luckily, after resting it for a day and then wearing knee support at work on Saturday, it is much, much better now.

How has your week been?

Peace and love,


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