The Pheasant Restaurant

I’ve now been to The Pheasant Restaurant twice now and I would seriously recommend it. The restaurant itself, based in Hayes, is very sophisticated and this is reflected not only in its layout, decor and service, but also in its food & drink menu. The prices are extremely reasonable for the amount of food you get; if you think the wagamama portion sizes are big, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The first time I visited this restaurant was for my boyfriend’s birthday a couple of months ago. My mum had previously been before and had told me how nice it was so I was really looking forward to it. The cocktail list is amazing and I was really spoilt for choice! I opted for a strawberry daiquiri (can never go wrong!) and after taking quite a while to deliberate between ordering a salmon dish or lasagne, I went for the lasagne.

It was served with garlic bread and rocket with parmesan cheese – the perfect combination. 👌🏼

My boyfriend, M, being the adventurous person he is, dared himself to try ‘The Pheasant Grill’ which consisted of steak, gammon, sausage and liver along with mushrooms, chips and vegetables. It was so much food.

He also got a tequila sunrise {I think 🙊}

I was the only person (of six people) who managed to finish the entire dish, whoops… 🙈 but we were all too stuffed to even consider looking at the dessert menu which was a shame as they looked delicious!

I visited The Pheasant again two days ago as a late birthday meal for my mother – my treat. (I’m sorry if you’re reading this M but the inn was too busy and we didn’t like the atmosphere so we came to the restaurant instead, pls don’t kill me.)

I chose a sex on the beach cocktail this time and went for the salmon and asparagus salad. Who would have thought a salad could be THIS big?!

Crazy, huh?! Needless to say, I wasn’t able to finish this plate of goodness and ended up taking half home for lunch the next day! My mum got a salmon dish with a bed of roasted leeks, asparagus and courgette as well as new potatoes. Hers looked so good 😍

My sister, having been disappointed by the lack of burgers and fast-food style dishes, decided on a half roast chicken with sage & onion stuffing, chips and vegetables avec gravy. It was far, far too much for her to handle {bless her} so she ended up taking the majority of the chicken home! Despite the humungous portion sizes, we were determined to have dessert… (this is also why we didn’t end up finishing the entire meal – no room for something sweet!)

I haven’t had a sticky toffee pudding in such a long time so this was a must. I have no regrets.

My sister got the chocolate sponge with custard whilst mum chose the lemon meringue pie with cream. Mmm.

Overall, my two experiences of The Pheasant Restaurant have been absolutely superb. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who fancies a fancy night out with fantastic and affordable food and to-die-for desserts. Seriously.

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