Possibly the last Sunday Summary?!

In the past two weeks three weeks I’ve been up to all sorts. I swear every time I say I’m going to properly get organised with my blog something crops up or life just gets in the way (I don’t know how other bloggers do it, seriously). As the title suggests, this may well be the last Sunday Summary post in a while as in just under three weeks I will be jetting off on my travels [you can read about my plans here] and so there won’t really be a need for an update each Sunday since I’ll *hopefully* be blogging frequently about what I’m getting up to!

– leaving my job: in the last few days my contract at Twickenham Stadium ended which meant that everybody who was working during the RWC would be leaving. It’s been extremely odd not having to go in everyday and not seeing everybody but I started a new job almost straightaway which has kept me very busy. 

– work social: following the Rugby World Cup, work held a do at the local pub with a free bar and a buffet. It’s safe to say that everybody took full advantage of the free drinks and got a little too drunk while others, myself included, helped ourselves liberally to the food that was on offer. It was a fab evening with everyone I had got to know closely over the past ten weeks! 

– halloween: I had been meaning to do some sort of halloween-orientated post but I never got round to it. I spent the day working at Twickenham for the match and then snuggled up with my boy in the evening watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (I hadn’t seen it!) It was really good and I think the little strawberry is so adorable – I’m actually a tad obsessed with it 🙈 

– tefl internship interview: I finally uploaded all my relevant documents and was contacted to have my Skype interview. This turned out to be at 7:30am due to the time differences! I still haven’t heard back about my confirmation on the programme but I’m crossing my fingers!

– celebrating six months with M: though celebrating something which isn’t even an anniversary may seem silly and immature, since I won’t actually be in England for our one year, we decided to make a day of this. Besides, it’s more fun to celebrate these things and go out and enjoy ourselves! He came down from university for the weekend and we went out for a delicious meal in Giraffe [haven’t been in so long].

– the pheasant: if you haven’t read my post about it already, then go ahead. It was fabulous.

– weekend away: possibly the first full weekend I had had to myself in about eight weeks was last weekend. I spent it up in Warwick with my boyfriend which was strange as I’ve only ever visited him there during the week. Saturday was spent browsing around IKEA (who else seems to spend endless hours in there picking out their dream furniture?!) as well as going for a cheeky Nando’s [only 2 more chillies until my whole chicken!]. On the Sunday we went paint balling with the rest of the flat and some other friends. I’ll probably make some sort of post on my experience of it all but it definitely hurt. It was certainly fun, but painful. We both took the train back together since it was reading week and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Netflix using my hotspot – how handy!


– two dots: before I got together with my boyfriend, as friends, he was always going on about this game and so I finally decided to download it. For some reason I had deleted all of the game apps on my phone and I was looking for something to do. It’s safe to say I’m hooked and determined to finish all the levels (just like M, grr).

– more gap year stuff: I finally met up with Alice again after never finding the opportunity to. We discussed our budgeting and what else we needed to book and buy. Since then, we’ve bought our bus pass for Australia which will take us up the East Coast as well as a Fraser Island tour. It feels like I still have a mountain to do [backpack, packing cubes, insurance, visas, clothes, shoes…] but I will have to get it done somehow. It’s just extremely stressful and busy right now.

– food: I’m pretty sure the topic of ‘food’ makes a regular occurrence on this feature. Whoops. Anyhow, here’s a few photos of all of the lovely food I’ve eaten in the past three weeks:


{not pictured is the domino’s and nando’s 🙊}

– hospital: this very week, a family member had to be taken into hospital for an operation. Since then, I have been visiting them every single day and I intend to for the next two weeks. This has slightly altered all of my plans but means I’ll have to work around it – possibly brainstorming and writing more blog posts on the train up there (about an hour and a half each way) as well as trying to find time to visit all the shops for my travels. It’ll be difficult but I hope my blog won’t suffer too much from it – I’m determined to get more organised despite the amount I’ve got to do!

– planned trips: over the next two weeks, I’ve got a couple of trips planned to visit friends before I embark on my eight-month adventure. These include a weekend in Oxford, a couple of days in Cambridge and another weekend in Warwick. I’m really excited for these as I haven’t seen some of these friends in a while and I’ll finally get to catch up with them all and see how they’ve been getting on. I also need to get used to vlogging as I will be doing this whilst away so I will be taking my camera along with me – lookout for snippets on Snapchat [👻 violahelen].

I hope you guys enjoyed this update and I’m really sorry for not posting more frequently!

Peace and love,


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