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Floral and flirty OOTD | #JessWrightxKISS


When I saw this dress for the first time all I could think was “I’ve never seen anything like it.” As someone who loves finding unique, different fashion items as well as someone who loves creating and making her own clothes, I was intrigued by this piece. The style of the dress is not dissimilar from others in high street stores at the moment – choker neck details are very in right now – but it wasn’t the style that struck me: it was the fabric print.

Boutique of Molly is a new online shop offering the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. When they reached out to me and asked whether I wanted to collaborate* with them, I immediately jumped at the chance.

This style is called FIA and retails at only £24.95 GUYS IT’S ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY £15!

The dress fits gorgeously and I love how it flows, however there are a few thing I must point out. Judging the images on the website, I expected the dress fabric to be a lot thicker and better quality: I don’t know whether this was because they had dressed the model up in the photos or because the images were deceiving, but I was definitely disappointed.

The material is incredibly thin and whilst this is perfect for summer nights, it’s not so much for the rest of the year (I mean, we do live in the UK). The only part of the dress which shows any indication of being thicker is the choker neck and this is a must for it to drape well. The zip at the back can also be a bit fiddly (again, this is down to quality issues) and when my package arrived the collar was creased. Luckily the material is iron-friendly and flattened down once I’d spent time going over the fold.

Dress – Boutique of Molly
Shoes – New Look

Overall, in my honest opinion, the dress is not worth £24.95 (and that’s without the postage which is an additional £3.99!) The fabric is pretty poor quality and the seams inside aren’t the neatest either. The style of the dress is certainly incredibly flattering – I particularly like the V-neck and the choker detail – and the main attraction for me was the print, but I genuinely believe that I could make this dress myself, even better than the Boutique of Molly manufacturers. I’m not a fashion guru and I don’t own tons and tons of clothes, but it seems to me that the dress has been made in one of those mass-manufacturers which sacrifices good quality clothing for cheap production.

That saying, I did wear this dress to the #JessWrightxKISS Beauty Launch last week where I got complimented by several people. It definitely looks a lot better quality than it is and I’d say it’s definitely a steal for only £15 in the sale! Although the material is very thin, I still plan on wearing this dress out a couple of times as it does make quite a bold statement, however it won’t be my go-to dress.

*disclaimer – I was offered a 30% discount on the FIA dress and, as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

What do you think of the dress?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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  1. The print on the dress is gorgeous! And it really suits you. It’s pretty hard to find printed dresses like that without them looking like they’re meant for Grandma’s on Easter Sunday, but with the choker and the cut of the dress it really vamps it up and makes it look fresh. I love that you gave your honest opinion on the manufacturing of the dress, i’ll definitely consider that while i browse through the site.

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