How much did my Gap Year Cost?!

The post you’ve all been waiting for *gasps*…how-much-did-gap-year-cost

So after spending a few hours (literally) going through my receipts (yes, I kept all of them!), my online bank statements for both my Barclays account and my STA Cashcard account, flight bookings, accommodation bookings and email confirmations/invoices, I have finally calculated the total costs of my Gap Year.

And guys, can you please appreciate how much effort I put into this? I literally went through everything to find the actual cost in pounds. I didn’t just total my spending costs in another currency and convert it back to pounds, oh no no no… I went through each bank transaction using the currency in that transaction and converted it back to pounds. I literally did this for everything so it’s as accurate as it’s ever going to be.

Can we have a drumroll please?

The total cost for my Gap Year (seven months of travelling around Australia, Bali and China excluding an unexpected trip back to the UK for visa issues)

= £9039

(how did it come to such a round number??)

Total cost for Australia = £3540.48

Total cost for Bali = £398.95

Total cost for China = £4374.47

Total cost for extras = £725.10

And I earned this money entirely myself. My parents didn’t give me anything.

My Gap Year did cost slightly more than this (we’re talking over £100 spending money + flights back!) simply because we had to fly all the way back to the UK and spend a week in Edinburgh to get new Chinese visas. This was the cheapest and best option at the time but it wasn’t planned (we only realised once there that our initial plan couldn’t happen and wouldn’t have worked out successfully). Therefore I had to use savings to pay for this.

The extras I’ve included above are things like travel insurance, my backpack, TEFL course and other bits and bobs I bought specifically for my travels. This is not the cost of my unexpected trip in Edinburgh for a week!

If you want me to do breakdown posts of each country including how much was spent on accommodation, food, activities, etc. then please let me know as I’ll be more than happy to.

Can I just reiterate again that I did earn all of this money myself! It may seem like a huuuge amount but if you have any questions or want me to do a post on how I saved my money then drop a comment below 🙂

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Peace and love,
Viola xo


7 thoughts on “How much did my Gap Year Cost?!

  1. Hi Viola, I love your channel and I’m planning to take a gap year next fall. Do you think you could make a video or post about what you brought on your trip? Like what stuff that you would and would not bring again? Thank you so much!

  2. Hey Viola, I’m planning on taking a gap year next fall around Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Do you have any reccomendations on what to bring, luggage-wise? I’ve seen people pack backpacking backpacks mostly but I’ve also seen people only bring a carry on. What did you bring on your trip? And do you think you could make a post or video about all that you brought on your trip, like what you bring again and what you wouldn’t? Thank you!

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