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Most of the time, when people hear that I study at Oxford, the main thing they ask me is what my work is like and how my week looks. I weekly vlog over on my YouTube channel which gives a general idea of what my weeks look like but I thought I’d put it into a post format too. Besides, who doesn’t love reading about other peoples’ university schedules… just me?

University of Oxford – Classics IIA


9am-10am Latin Class at the Faculty
I roll out of bed around 8:30am (although yesterday and today I got up at 7:30am) and dash out the door for my class. Once that’s done I’ll head back to college and make myself some breakfast before my reading class in college.

10:45am-12pm The Aeneid Reading Class
This is a class solely for my college’s first year Classics students. We prepare 100 lines each week from one of the books and then translate in class. We also have a short test at the beginning from the previous week’s work. After this class I’ll generally prepare the work for my tutorial in the evening, eat lunch, watch some YouTube videos and maybe do some Latin work for the faculty classes.

4:30pm-5:30pm Language Tutorial
I have 1-on-1 tutorials for extra language work in college since I’m on course II for Classics (I’m essentially starting Latin ‘from scratch’). I don’t think other colleges do this for students so I’m lucky to be getting extra tuition (though unlucky because it means more work). We’re currently reading through Cicero’s In Catilinam I and I generally prepare around 60 lines each week.

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6pm Dinner
Catch up with friends over dinner.

7pm onwards
Do some reading for (or start planning) my essay and also some Latin work for the faculty classes.


9am-10am Latin Class at the Faculty

10am onwards
Write my essay which is due Wednesday morning! This is quite tough because, so far this term, I spend the entire day on it but, since I know it’s not due until the morning, I’m not as productive as I would be if the deadline was in the evening. For some reason I don’t have a sense of urgency 🙁


9am-10am Latin Class at the Faculty

11am-12pm The Aeneid Tutorial
I’ll bring my essay to the tutorial and one of us (there are two in each tutorial) will read our essay aloud while our tutor reads the other. We’ll then comment and discuss certain points.

Relax! Do some Latin work for the faculty (we get set homework everyday) and translate a bit of the Aeneid reading we have for next Monday. Generally don’t do too much work in the afternoon. Read blogs, write blog posts, catch up on YouTube, edit vlogs, catch up with friends etc. etc.

8pm Salsa Class in college
There are free salsa classes each week in college which is actually really good fun!

8:30pm-9:30pm The Aeneid Revision Session
A revision session for first and second years where we’re given information on the text.

9:30pm onwards
Get ready to go out to Parkend for their club night.


10am-11am Latin Class at the Faculty
The one day I get an extra hour to sleep in!

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11am-12pm The Aeneid Lecture
My one and only lecture of the week.

12pm onwards
More Latin work for the Faculty, probably start some of the reading for my essay but essentially not much work.

7:15pm-8:30pm Formal Hall
Unless I have a lot of work to do or everyone else is busy, I wouldn’t go to Formal but generally we all go together.

8:30pm onwards
Straight from Formal to getting ready for Bridge (another club).


9am-10am Latin Class at the Faculty
We hand in the homework we’ve been set daily on this day.

10am onwards
After the Latin class I tend to get back into bed for another hour. I’ll then do some translation work or reading for my essay.

4pm-5pm CRAE Meeting at the Oxford University Student Union
We’ll discuss the things each of us has been working on for the past week and think about other things we can do and any events we want to put on and plan.

7:30pm-10pm Orchestra rehearsal
I still don’t know whether I’ll continue with orchestra at the moment.


Since I let myself have Wednesday and Thursday off, I would usually spend the entire day doing work for my essay and doing translation work. I’ll generally have some kind of drama rehearsal or meeting with a committee team I’m on {this term I’m doing lighting for two different plays, I’m Social Media Rep for the Alternative Access Day we’re organising in college and also in charge of marketing for our college’s Art Week}.


Work is scheduled in for the whole day apart from Brunch from 10am-1pm. If I have time I’ll head over to either the JCR Committee Meeting or the JCR tea which happens in the afternoon every other week.

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That’s pretty much what my week looks like this term (I mean, I am only two weeks in) but it’s definitely looking a lot more busy in terms of work. *cries* I would like to go to kickboxing sessions and gymnastics sessions (I also occasionally play college netball matches too and sometimes attend the free yoga classes in college on Mondays) but my workload, on top of blogging and YouTube and being on two committees this term, means that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to find the time 🙁

I’m still yet to film my Q&A video for YouTube so please do send in any questions you have at all that you’d like to see me answer (this is basically me asking you to ask me questions pls pls pls)

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Peace and love,
Viola xo


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10 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Oxford Student | Uni Diaries

  1. I love reading posts like this too! We read the Aeneid for my AP Latin course in high school and I took another translation course in uni. The translations were never too bad but scansions were tough. Best of luck with this term!

  2. Really interesting post! What makes you not want to continue with orchestra? And here’s a question for your Q&A: what’s the best and worst things about studying at Oxford? Love your blog 🙂

  3. This is an exceptional post. It reads like a lot of work. There is something so different about the university that I haven’t experienced in my school. It seems more hands on than lecture and I love that. I hope you have a wonderful semester.

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