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Hey – I’m Viola,Β  a Chinese Londoner currently studying Classics at the University of Oxford. A Piece of Viola has been running (on and off) for the past two years. It’s a place where I can jot down my thoughts and ideas, a place where I can document my not-so-exciting life.

I like to talk (or should I say ramble) about my life as well as discussing travel, student life and anything else that interests me.

I also document university life by weekly vlogging at Oxford over on YouTube, as well as creating travel vlogs and being able to travel as a student. I also write travel articles for Huffington Post UK.

  • I’ve recently discovered that I’m passionate about encouraging, inspiring and helping people who either want to take Gap Years or apply to top universities (I love, love, love Access and I’m getting involved with as much of it as I can here at uni!)
  • Travelling is something I want to do more of. I’d like to tick off a furtherΒ five countries by the time I’m 21.
  • I want to learn a lot of languages. I’m incredibly jealous of people who are bilingual as I can only speak English πŸ™
  • I drink a lot of tea.
  • Unlike many of my friends, I’m a sucker for chocolate and I’ve got an awful sweet tooth (I must get it from my mum)
  • Autumn is my favourite season.
  • I want to have a purpose in life and I hope to inspire people some day.
  • Finally, I have no clue where I want to be in the future, nor do I have any idea what sort of career path I want to go down.

So join me Β on my journey to ‘self-discovery’ (very clichΓ©, don’t you think?)

If you are a brand or PR company and would like to work with me, please email me for my Media Kit.

Peace and love,
Viola xo

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. do you have an email I can contact you with? i have a few questions about the kayla itsines guide i want to ask… please email

  2. Hi, I’m in year 11 doing GCSES- what was physics AS like because I feel like it will be really hard as I plan to do physics gov pol and English lit for A level also at oxford can you do English and law together?
    Love the channel too !!!! Good luck !!!

    1. Hi Aj! AS Physics was incredibly frustrating as there was an entire module on circuits (which I hated) but I really enjoyed the Mechanics paper. Have a look at the exam board’s syllabus before making a decision – It’s not too hard if you do mechanics in Maths, but if you’re not doing A level Maths then it will be tough. I don’t think you can do English and Law together as a degree at Oxford. Thanks for all of your support! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Viola, my name is Jaden and as I watch your vlogs and listen to your tips & advice; I feel truly inspired by you everyday. You and many other individuals provide that inspiration that i need to do my personal best as it comes to academics and attending the university of Oxford is a dream of mine that I really hope to achieve but since I’m going into year 10 with mocks approaching then finishing GCSE in year 11, I’ve become really nervous. I really need advice.

    1. Thank you so much Jaden – your comment honestly means a lot. Good luck with your mocks, and don’t stress about them too much!

  4. Hi Viola, it’s me again and the advice you have given me has still inspired me till this day but i sort of need advice on focusing on studying schedules or in exams, for an example; English and French, how would you stay relent to the question to receive the highest grade or majority of the marks? Or memorising certain things as it comes to translations, pronunciations and having the confidence to speak any language. Sorry if I’m asking too much of you but apart from that; how was your trip to Uzbekistan and in Beijing?
    – Jaden

  5. Hello!! My name is Maya Keaton and I’m a Junior at Fisher High School (Fishers, Indiana). I am in an AP Research class and my research project is over the effects of gap years spent volunteering abroad on personal growth and college majors/job decision. I watched your YouTube video about your gap year and thought it sounded like an amazing experience!! I was wondering if you’d be willing to fill out a short questionnaire for me about your experience and/or just describe the effects you thought your gap year had on you/ what it did for your life??

    Maya Keaton

    1. Apologies for the delayed response – if you’re still looking for people to do the questionnaire then I’d be happy to!

  6. hi viola! Surprising to find that I can visit your website! I come from China and we cannot use Twitter or YouTube (if not use special tools)for some reason. I watched your video 14 hours study with me and it’s just so inspiring. I love your videos! Hope you can share more about study-with-me!

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