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Woah… I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally type up what I think about Study China and let you know what this programme is all about. If you haven’t seen them already, there is a vlog series on my YouTube channel where you can see everything I got up to during my three weeks at China’s Zhejiang University. While the vlogs will bring my words to life and act as a visual aid, this post is to give more detailed information.

What exactly is the programme?

The British Council advertises their three-week programme as something:

 giving you an opportunity to learn the language, maximise future employability and develop a global mind-set.

During the three-weeks, you will be placed in a Chinese university where you’ll study an Intensive Mandarin course (think two hours every morning, sometimes three). You’ll also have the opportunity to meet like-minded UK university students and you’ll get to interact with current Chinese students. There are planned trips, excursions and meetings with local families and businesses too. You’re fully immersed in the language and culture! The best part? It’s all fully funded*.

*flights, visa and meals (except dinner) aren’t included.

Who is eligible?

The criteria is actually pretty simple. In order to qualify, you must be:

  • A full-time student at a Higher/Further Education Institute in England or Northern Ireand
  • At least 18 years of age at the start of the programe
  • Hold a valid EU/EAA passport

When does it happen?

I went on the summer programme, however I believe that there is also an Easter one. Had I known this before, I may have gone for the Easter one simply because the weather and climate would have been far more bearable. Summer is probably one of the worst times to go to China because it is swelteringly hot and incredibly humid. Not something I can deal with well (as can probably be seen in my vlogs!) The programme is roughly 21 days, but loads of people come before or stay after for travelling. You make so many friends, and there are so many people who are willing/looking for travel partners after so it’s very easy to be flexible and plan your travels after the programme once you get there.

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Why should I go?

I had an absolutely amazing three weeks this summer and some of the people I met will be friends for life. I intend on writing a full post on my own personal experience (which will be 100% honest) but for now, here are five reasons why you really should apply.

  1. CHINA! Chances are, you’ve never visited the land of rice before and what better time to go? You’ll be with other UK university students who are most likely going to be in the same position as you and it’s funded!
  2. The people you meet. Honestly, the people are probably one of the main reasons why you just need to go. You’ll meet so many varied and different people from so many universities and you’re bound to find people just like you! I can safely say I took away a handful of friendships that I know will last {miss you Maddie!!!}
  3. Mandarin. You’ll get to complete an intensive Mandarin course at a Chinese university. I can’t think of any better situation to get to grips with such a complex and difficult language. You’ll be able to immediately put into practice anything you’ve learnt from the classroom, something you definitely can’t do back in the UK.
  4. Connecting with the locals. Not only will you get to meet other students from the UK, but you’ll also be able to interact with local Chinese students as well as local Chinese families and businesses. When else would you get that unique chance?! I can vouch that if you go to China as a tourist, you won’t get these sorts of opportunities.
  5. It is fully fundedWhile flights and visa costs aren’t included in this, the British Council do cover three weeks of accommodation, evening meals, the intensive Mandarin course and all of the scheduled activities and trips. Most people take roughly £300 for spending money and food costs, but everything else is paid for already! If you’ve never been to China (but had always planned to), now could be your chance. You’d get to spend three weeks for free, learn the language, meet new people and then you could potentially plan to travel afterwards!
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If none of these is enough to convince you (or you think you need a little bit more persuading), check out Part 1 of my Study China travel vlogs:

Sorry for not updating the blog lately; life has been so hectic lately. Lots more posts to come and definitely far more regular from now on. A huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me so far <3

Peace and love,


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