Christmas 2016


After spending Christmas on Bondi Beach in sunny Australia last year, I was looking forward to being back home with my family this Christmas. I wasn’t most excited for the amount of presents under the tree or what everyone had bought me; I was most excited to spend time with my family.


Christmas Day wasn’t “the norm” since my Aunt had been sick with the flu and so didn’t actually turn up to my grandma’s! As a result, we didn’t have any of the presents from that side of the family and instead just opened all of the others from under the tree. We also had goose for Christmas Lunch rather than the usual turkey which was a lovely change (and also so, so good). The day was spent watching TV, eating lots of food and playing games with the family – just how Christmas Day should be spent!

I ate a great deal of pudding too, whoops…

img_9264red velvet cheesecake, salted caramel chocolate bar, trifle

Boxing Day actually became Christmas 2.0 because my Aunt came round and brought the rest of the gifts!


Yep, we went for a ‘European’-themed Christmas this year… including the tree (as you can see!)

My cousin did hilariously well with his gifts. One of them was a Christmas jumper for all of us – my personal favourite is the Tesco Value one for my Uncle.


As well as watching more Harry Potter and eating a delicious second Christmas Dinner (this time with crackers, pigs in blankets and brussels sprouts!) we headed out for a Boxing Day walk.


My sister, being the photographer she is, captured some pictures that I actually really like!

And that’s it! That was my Christmas and, though it wasn’t “normal” even by my family’s ‘normal’ standards, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them this year and enjoying the festivities {even despite the fact that I was kind of lacking the Christmas spirit this year for some reason}.

How did you spend Christmas?

Peace and love,
Viola xo


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